Kat learns the truth abou Alfie, whilst Stacy is shocked to discover the truth about Dean – Eastenders

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.Alfie comforts Kat ..
Life gets worse for Kat and Alfie when their boiler breaks down. Kat is horrified to discover that another of Alfie’s grand plans has failed spectacularly.

Kat makes a desperate plea to the landlord to let her family stay in the flat, but it’s no use and they are told to be out by lunchtime. The situation gets even worse when Kat stubbornly refuses to leave and the police have to be called.

As the row becomes heated, Mick asks Stacey to step in. Once Stacey manages to get Kat to back down and the Moon family finally leave the flat, it’s left to Mick and Linda to offer them a bed for the night.

..The police arrive when Kat refuses to leave the flat.
Kat and Alfie hope for some good news when they attend an appointment at the council office, but their optimism doesn’t last for long as they are told that there is a huge waiting list for a council house in Walford.

When the council officer explains that there are some houses available in Hull, Kat and Alfie make a life-changing decision. But nothing can prepare them for the future they’re about to face when Kat finally discovers the truth about Alfie…

Elsewhere, DI Keeble bumps into Emma and offers her a career lifeline, but what will the price for this be?
DI Keeble explains to Emma that there was suspicious activity on Lucy’s social media accounts following her death. Keeble

.EastEnders: 4977: 2014-12-16..
gives Emma the task of obtaining Lauren’s laptop. After Lauren makes a reference about Lucy’s death, Emma decides to hand the laptop over. When Lauren finds out what Emma dones she is shocked that she has handed her latop into the police.

Meanshile, Linda suddenly becomes concerned for Stacey’s safety and rushes over to see her.

Linda is still unable to bring herself to tell Stacey the truth about Dean, but the fear in her eyes is all too familiar for Stacey and she realises something is terribly wrong…

A concerned Stacy can see Linda obvious discomfort around Dean, but Linda tries to backtrack and assures her that nothing

Linda tells Stacey she is going to tell Mick the truth
is wrong. Later there is a happy atmosphere for the Carters as Mick announces to everyone at The Vic that Linda is pregnant, but when Dean arrives, Stacey immediately notices that Linda’s behaviour once again changes.

Finally, Yvonne and Nick continue to bond. Yvonne feels that Ronnie is getting in the way of her relationship with her son, which gives her a common enemy with Nick. At the same time, Ian meets up with Charlie and Ronnie as they continue to discuss the idea of bribing Nick to leave.

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