Jurassic Park 5 set to commence production, and why exactly Jurassic World was a hit

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This comes as no surprise after Jurassic World smashed the box offices being the 3rd biggest selling movie of all times, an announcement has been made the Jurassic world 2 or Jurassic park 5 will hit cinemas ion 2018.

It has been confirmed that both Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas will be reprising their roles for the sequel.

Although it is currently unclear on who will direct the movie, Colin Trevorrow will return to pen the screenplay.

But why exactly was Jurassic World such a hit after the franchise being extincted for 14 years.

A lot of the credit needs to go to the leading man Chris Pratt, who only made his leading man debut last year as Peter Quill in Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy movie.  He has been compared to the likes of Harrison Ford who has kept alive the Indiana Jones franchise due to his ability to play the action hero but with a cheeky charisma.

It also seems that people are currently in the market for nostalgic reboots, with the last few years seeing old franchise being renewed both on TV and the Big screen.  Jurassic Park is still the 18th highest grossing movies of all times taking in just over 1 Billion at the box office which in 1993 made it the highest grossing movie and the first to eclipse the 1 Billion mark the highest grossing movie prior to this was another Spielberg master piece the 1982 movie ET.

Another added benefit was getting the right director and writer for the Job, Colin Trevorrow both penned and directed the movie  after Spielberg decided he did not want to return, their are very few directors who can make a movie that captures the hearts and minds of a generation but Trevorrow achieved this, not only this he was able to achieve this by making a movie that was scary gripping and gory and feel into the rating of 12A ( PG-13) enabling a wider audience to enjoy the movie.

Jurassic World 2 will hit cinemas on June 22nd 2018.

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