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.The McQueen's enjoy a spa day..
When she finds Myra-Pocahontas on Theresa’s bedroom floor, Myra is alarmed. Theresa thinks Carmel is setting her up to look like a bad mum and calls the police. Then, Phoebe finds a bottle of vodka on the floor when Theresa collapses while playing with Kathleen-Angel, and Theresa discovers sleeping pills in Carmel’s beauty bag. She uses this as evidence that Carmel is sabotaging her.

Lockie tells his brother that he can do anything he wants, with whoever he wants, until he gets married next month.

Carmel, Myra, Mercedes and Theresa go to a spa for the day. Sonny sneaks in to the McQueen’s house, and tries to kill Nana when she gets in the way. The family are totally unaware of the danger that Nana is in.

.Hollyoaks: 3981: 2014-10-27..
At her consultation for gender confirmation surgery, it’s not good news for Blessing. When she bumps in to Tim, a hospital porter, he tells her that his cousin had surgery three years ago and offers to get her the name of the doctor. Later, after meeting with ‘Doctor Robinson’, Blessing is ecstatic that her problems may soon be over. But when she tells Frankie her news, Frankie smells a rat.

Freddie’s next dodgy scheme involves a deal for £100,000 worth of diamonds.

After Theresa finds a social services leaflet in her bag, Carmel is cast out by the McQueens. Myra tells Carmel to stay away from the family from now on. As Carmel drives away with Kathleen-Angel, someone is following them.

..Tim gives Blessing the number for a doctor..
Elsewhere, will the police find anything when they pay Freddie a visit at The Loft?

When they discover the truth about Nana’s accident, the McQueens are shocked, while Carmel’s life is on the line.

Blessing pinches a heart-shaped cushion full of diamonds from The Loft, unaware that she has torpedoed Freddie’s plans.

The McQueens fear for Carmel’s life.

When John Paul persuades Amy Barnes to let Ste see Leah and Lucas, they surprise him at the Lomax house. The timing couldn’t be worse, as Ste has been taking drugs. Amy swears that he will never see their children again.

John paul takes drugs hollyoaks
John Paul overhears Lockie asking Ste to pay him ‘in kind’ for drugs he gave him. When Lockie wants the drugs back because Ste won’t pay up, Ste mixes the cocaine that’s left with drain cleaner. Later, Lockie offers John Paul drugs when they go for a drink-Ste’s tainted drugs. Will it be John Paul who pays the price for Ste’s drug habit?

When Doctor Wilson tells Dirk and Holly that Cindy is ready for a home visit, some pills fall out of her drawer. Doctor Wilson, realising that Cindy is worrying about going home, tells her that she doesn’t have to go if she doesn’t want to, leaving Holly heartbroken.

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