Jerry Bruckheimer confirms Bad Boys 3 is moving forward

Published On June 19, 2014 » 1374 Views» By Darren Dimmick » Headlines, Movies
Producer Jerry Bruckheimer has stated that screenwriter David Guggenheim ( Safe House) is currently working on the screenplay for the highly anticipated Bad Boys 3.

When interviewed at the Monte Carlo Television festival he said “He’s working on an outline right now.”

The original Bad Boy movie was released back in 1995 with its sequel following in 2003, bring in nearly $450 million dollars collectively, so it s not wonder that Bruckheimer is eager to bring both Will Smith and Martin Lawrence back for another outing.

Bruckheimer also added in his interview his intentions to reunite Micheal Bay, the original director of the first two movies with Will smith and Martin Lawrence stating,  

We’d love to get Michael Bay [but] he’s very busy right now. Hopefully we can twist his arm and get him in there.”

Whilst speaking about the new project in the Bad Boys Franchise he also spoke about two other movies that he is looking to revive in Top Gun 2 and Beverly Hills cop 4 saying,

“It’s been in the works for 35 years!” he said of the former. “We really want to make it, Tom is engaged and so is Paramount, so we hope we can bring it to an audience shortly.”

On commenting on Eddie Muphy coming back to the role of Axel Foley he went onto say

“Eddie’s committed to do it, so is Paramount, we have Brett Ratner to direct it – a wonderful director – so we’re looking forward to getting started either this fall or after the beginning of the year.

“It’s been a long time since the last one, so hopefully we can bring something exciting to the audience.”

There is currently no scheduled release date for Top gun 2 but Beverly Hills cop si expected to be released 25th March 2016, with Bad boys 3 working towards a 4th July 2015 release date.

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