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After watching Dodger from a distance, Nico asks if she can stay with him, explaining that she had grown up in a children’s home and had been sleeping rough. On the boat later, Nico sees a photo of Dodger and Sienna and says ‘hello mum’. Feeling vengeful, Jason hurls rocks through the boats’ window. When he goes inside to do further damage, he finds Nico on the floor, unconscious.

.Hollyoaks: 3882: 2014-06-10..
With Joe in turmoil over their break-up, Lindsey goes to stay with Mercedes, and she’s fed up with Ziggy trying to get them back together.

After yesterday’s discovery, will Jason’s malicious comments about him having a schoolgirl tied up, land Dodger in more trouble. Freddie and Mercedes continue with their secret plan, but will Mercedes be able to keep her deceit from Grace when her life is threatened?

.Jason buys steroids..
Also, Jason continues to feel inadequate, while Holly is full of hope. Freddie takes Jason to an illicit job where they meet Stan, who sells steroids. When Jason buys pills from Stan, after stealing his number from Freddie’s phone, will he be getting into more trouble than he knows?

Returning more of Lindsey’s belongings, Joe turns up at the McQueen’s place. After hearing her yell, he runs upstairs to find Lindsey on the bedroom floor, with a twisted ankle. He plays the knight in shining armour, but will it bring them back together?

.Nico watches Sienna ..
Outside College Cafe, Nico spots Sienna and tries to summon up the courage to speak to her, but she gets a call from her I Owen saying that he can’t find Caroline, so she storms off, straight past Nico. Patrick is angry when Sienna decides to find Caroline herself. When he finds her at the bus stop, he tells her that he knows where she is, and promises to arrange a meeting. He calls later to tell Sienna that he has set up the meeting, and takes her to a playing field, with Denise there to back him up, and lies that her daughter is playing hockey there. Patrick then asks Sienna to wait until Caroline is 16 to start up a relationship.

A villager in need is helped out by Leela, with no clue who she really is. While irritated by Robbie and Nancy’s growing friendship, Phoebe may do something she will regret. Also, Leela tries to rein in her emotions, but has Sienna already done more harm than good.

.Blessing, Tegan and George are shocked by Darren..
Meanwhile, Patrick blames Maxine for breaking up with Sienna, so he takes her new lipstick and draws a big clown smile on her, leaving her feeling humiliated.

Elsewhere, the Student of Union Secretary job is applied for both Blessing and Tegan. Then, to cheer himself up, Darren asks them both to liven up the pub, but how will Nancy react when she comes in to find Darren and Blessing dancing together.

Finally, Freddie is left alarmed when Jason overdoses and collapses in the village, after getting more steroids from Stan. Will this be enough to make Jason think twice about his new habit?…


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