Is The Amazing SpiderMan 3 about to go into production ?

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Will it ? wont it ?, just what is happening with the Amazing Spider Man franchise.

Over the last month there has been more news circulating about Sony, than all the other production companies put together, what with the leaked emails, and then the Scandal from the Interview movie, well after all of this it now seems that the movie we thought had been scrapped, is now back on with casting started in Atlanta for The Amazing Spider Man 3.

The Bill Beckman Casting website (via CBM) has listed a casting call for Amazing Spider-Man 3 with an Atlanta, Georgia shooting location. Andrew Garfield and Dane DeHaan are listed as stars of the film. Of course, the last official information from Sony Pictures was that The Amazing Spider-Man 3 film had been pushed back to sometime in 2018.

The last we also heard was that Sony was going to reboot the franchise with the Sinster Six movie, setting up a whole new Spiderman universe, with Andrew Garfield out and some one set to take his place.   So it would also seem that Andrew Garfield is very much coming back as Spiderman again.

There’s only a vague plot outline that could have come from anywhere -“Peter Parker/Spider-Man faces a new challenge to protect New York City”.  So not much to go on their then.

But if we delve deeper and take a closer look at Bill Beckmans casting call it states, A comic book hero is sent to the past in a desperate effort to change history and prevent an event that results in doom for both humans and mutants.  Sorry did I miss something or did Fox release that movie last year in the X Men Franchise.

Well Warner Bros own the Dc Comics franchise which has no links to the Sony Spiderman World.  The only comic book movie we think would fit with the schedule would be Captain America 3, but that is a Marvels Studio production.  Yep I’m confused so I’m sure you are too.

More on this as we have it

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