Is Neil gone for good ?, Kylie tracks downs Max Dad and will Mary be able to control her jealousy – Coronation Street News

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Stressed-out Kylie is tempted to take more of Max’s pills, but is stopped when David disturbs her. However, as the day goes on, Kylie crosses the line once more and takes the final few of Max’s pills, believing David is picking up a new prescription. When David realise that Kylie has taken Maxs last pills he is furious. He storms out to get the prescription, taking the kids with him as he doesn’t want to leave them with Kylie.

Later, Kylie decides to do some digging to get to the bottom of Max’s problems and heads back to her old neighbourhood. Once there, Kylie bumps into an old mate Gemma. When she tells

Gemma that she wants to talk to Max’s dad, Gemma confirms that he is around and that she will tell him Kylie is looking for him. Will Kylie tell David what she is up to?

Kylie tells David that she is poorly so can’t go to work. Once David has gone, she heads for the bus where Eva finds her and offers to accompany Kylie to her old neighbourhood.

Later at the pub, Kylie finds Gemma but there is no sign of Max’s dad Callum – until she is about to leave..

Elsewhere, Neil calls in to see Andrea and Lloyd. He tells them he has been cautioned by the police and is leaving the country for good. He reveals that he has managed to get his old job back

overseas, so Lloyd offers to drive him to the airport.

Meanwhile, when Julie casually arranges to see Dev at the gym, Mary promptly invites herself along. Later when Mary can’t babysit for the twins, Julie offers her services – much to Mary’s dismay. Dev is delighted when he gets home to find the twins have had a great time. As the kids head for bed, he cracks open a bottle of wine.

The next day when Mary hears Rita and Norris talking about a possible romance between Dev and Julie, Mary is furious.

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