Is Jennifer Lawrence finished with the X-Men franchise after Apocalypse

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Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique Xmen..
When X-Men first class came out back in 2011, new actors  were re-cast as some of the main characters, which included Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy and Jennifer Lawrence and all were tied into a 3 picture deal, but it seems that atleast one of the actors wont be renewing after the third movie.

The next movie in the X-Men franchise is Apocalypse due to hit cinemas next year, and as the title suggest not only is the movie going to be apocalyptic but it may be a game changer for the cast line up.

Speaking with MTV News at the red carpet premiere of her new film “Serena,” Lawrence confirmed in no uncertain terms that “Apocalypse” marks her final ride with the “X-Men” movies. “It is my last one, actually,” she said, with no further elaboration.

Whether the story line will some how remove Mystique from the franchise, or she some how shape shifts into another person which she become stuck in, we don’t know.   But it was not that long ago that it was rumoured that Mystique was looking to join Wolverine and get her own solo spin off movie, will this still happen?.

The good news is both Fassbender and McAvoy are open to reprising their roles following their three movie commitment, and with filming for the movie set to start over the coming months we can but wait to start seeing images and footage from another of Bryan Singer master pieces.

For those that cant wait to see Jennifer Lawrence on the big screen, then she will next appear in the final part of the Huger Games Franchise this November.

X-Men: Apocalypse arrives in cinemas in May 2016.

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