Inside Elementary Season 3 – Casting, Spoilers and Air Date

Published On July 11, 2014 » 1968 Views» By Darren Dimmick » TV
Johnny Lee Miller, will reprise his role as the  recovering drug addict turned detective consultant Sherlock in Elementary Season 3, but what can we expect.

By the end of season 2 Joan Watson was looking to move on and get her own place much to Sherlocks protests, Mycroft was found out to have been working for MI6 and Sherlock had agreed he would continue to help MI6.

So touching on the fact that Sherlock has agreed to work for MI6, season 3 will have to take the show to London at some point, whether he will be there for 1 episode or consecutive episodes at present no one knows.

With regards to Rhys Ifans reprising his role a Mycroft we believe this to be unlikely, as Ifans has stated that he never felt comfortable in the role, did suggest that maybe they could have him undergo extensive plastic surgery as he is currently in hiding, so that another actor can take on the role.

It was also announced that Kitty winter a new protegé of Sherlocks from London is set to join as a season regular, the role has been picked up by Ophelia Lovibond who is also due to star in this years Marvel movie Guardians of the Galaxy.  In other casting news it has also been confirmed that Gina Gershon has been cast in a recurring role as one of Joans rivals Elana March. Elana is a socialite suspected of running a drug cartel, but when Joan (Lucy Liu) sets out to prove March’s guilt, the case quickly becomes personal.

The first episode of season 3 is scheduled to start a little later this season on CBS, with  October 31st as the current scheduled air date, the first episode will be titled “Enough Nemesis To Go Around”.

If Sky Living follows on from previous seasons, then we should expect to see it in the UK around the same time.

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