Independence Day 2 Spoilers Plot line revealed.

Published On January 22, 2015 » 2307 Views» By Darren Dimmick » Headlines, Movies, News
With Independence day 2 set to hit cinemas summer 2016, the final scripts have all been approved and production will commence shortly.

Roland Emmerich will take to the directors chair for the long rumoured movie, of course we already know that Will smith will not be reprising his role but Jeff Goldblum will be.

In a reports that’s been released it states that the movie will again focuses on “different small groups in their separate, awful situations”, and that amongst the characters returning for the new movie are Judd Hirsch and Vivica A Fox as well as the previously mentioned Goldblum.

As well as seeing how the characters from the previous film have been affected in the aftermath of an alien invasion, Independence Day 2 will introduce a new fresh young cast who have all grown up in a world where and alien Invasion has taken place.

Patricia Whitmore – the President’s daughter – is grown up in this one, and she and her boyfriend sound like they’re going to be sizeable characters. Said boyfriend will be a “hotshot pilot”, and the pair will be around 20 years old.

As for plot details, it looks like we’re going to get “the same generation of invaders against the next generation of Earth’s defence”. Humans will have researched and been using the alien technology left behind after the last one, and will be set to use it against the invaders this time.

For now this appears to be the general feel to the project, but we will of course keep you posted on developments.

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