‘I give it a year’ reviewing a Romcom

Published On April 21, 2015 » 508 Views» By Jane Tyner » Movies
..ill give it a year review.
A couple who married too quickly and have absolutely nothing in common, soon realise they have made a huge mistake.

While they both know who they should be with, they try everything possible to make it work, giving it a year to make or break. A refreshing change from the usual rom-com, this film is original and really funny. Well worth watching with a great cast, including Chloe ( Anna Faris) and the dishy American Guy (Simon Baker).

Guy will stop at nothing to win Nats(Rose Byrne)  heart . She pretends to not be a bit interested, but every time she sees him she removes her wedding band! Meanwhile, her husband Josh ( Rafe Spall) realises he has more in common with his ex girlfriend Chloe.

Danny (Stephen Merchant) is always there with useless advice for his best friend Josh, and the marriage guidance counsellor (Olivia Colman) keeps interrupting sessions with the couple to argue on the phone with her husband. Never sure until the end what way it will go, this film keeps you engrossed throughout. A perfect friday night film, when everyone else is out, curl up with some chocalate and enjoy!

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