How much money has DC Comics and Warner Bros made from their movies AND WHAT ELSE CAN WE EXPECT – RELEASE DATES ANNOUNCED

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..How much money has DC Comics made.
In the late 70’s it was DC comics who really brought the concept of turning Comic book characters into movies, well before Marvel established its self as a force to be reckoned with.

In 1978 Christopher Reeves starred in Richard Dormer interpretation of Superman which went onto be a box office success, racking in $300 million which would today equate to around $1 Billion in Box Office receipts.

But it wasn’t until 1989 when Time Warner & Dc comics merged, in this article we cover exactly how much money DC Comics and Warner Bros have made from their Comic book movies since then.

Soon after their merger Batman was brought to the big screen,with Micheal Keaton as the billionaire vigilante.  The movie cost around $35 million and was Tim Burtons second movie as director pulling in £411 million worldwide Dc Comics and Warner Bros first collaboration was a happy one.

This was shortly followed up with Batman returns bringing not quite as tidy a sum but none the less still bring in $266 million, enough to warrant getting an order for 2 further movies Batman Forever which made £336 million and the final in the franchise Batman & Robin which was panned by critics and made a dismal $238 million on a $125 million budget.

In 1996 a movie called Steel was released which we are sure DC comics/Warner would rather forget about costing $16 million to make and pulling in only $1710, the  Shaquille O’Neal fronted movie bombed.

In 2004 Catwoman was released with Halle Berry taking the lead, but was actually a financial loss with the movie having a budget of $100 million and bring in worldwide a mere $82 million

The Wachowski siblings released their movie V for Vendetta in 2005 adding £132 million to the DC Comics/Warner merger.

Then in June of 2005 came the first in Christopher Nolans re imaging of the Dark Knight with Batman Begins, taking $374 million this was just a snip at what the franchise would go onto make. The Dark Knight that was released in 2008 pulled in $1 Billion with the Dark Knight rises surpassing this with nearly $1.1 Billion.

2006 saw Keanu Reeve star as John Constantine, who has literally been to hell and back in Constantine which puled in $234 million, that year also saw Brandon Routh star as the caped crusader in the first of 2 attempts to revive the iconic superman. Although the movie brought in a respectable $391 million on a $270 million budget this was not what the studio wanted to see.

Between 2008 and 2011 Dc comics Warner made a few movies from their collection of characters those were to include the 2008 movie The Spirit, 2009 movie Watchmen and the 2010 movies The Losers and Jonah Hex in total all these movies together brought in a lousy $264 million combined, with the majority of that coming from Watchmen which pulled in $180 million on its own.

Ryan Reynolds was next to take up a comic book character from the DC universe when he played Green Lantern, the movie had a lot of high hopes and potential but was panned by critics and pulled in only £219 million .

2013 saw Dc Comics second attempt to revive the Superman franchise with Henry Cavill in the Man of Steel, with Zack Snyder directing,  the movie was a hit pulling in $668 million, and so Dc comics / Warner started to put together their plan to build a Dc Comics Universe similar to what their biggest rivals Marvel had been doing extremely well since 2008.

To date DC Comics and Warner Bros have brought in around $6 Billion but with the majority of this being attributed to the Batman Franchise, and none of the other characters that have been introduced seeing much success albeit 2013 Man of Steel. With a total spend of over 2 Billion if it had not been for Batman and the recent Man of Steel movie DC Comics/ Warners Bros would have made a loss but what can we expect to come next from this new chapter.

25th March 2016 we are expected to see the highly anticipated sequel to Man of Steel entitled Batman V Superman : Dawn of Justice, this will be an introduction to a vast amount of the Justice League character similar to Marvels Avengers, and will also see Ben Affleck  pick up the mantle of Batman.

Also in 2016 we will be introduced to the Suicide Squad which is set to hit cinemas in July.

With the following movies also scheduled 2017 will see Gal Gadot take on the role of Wonder woman in her solo outing followed later that year by ‘The Justice League Part 1.

2018 The Flash and Aquaman will both get solo movies with 2019 seeing Shazam and ‘The Justice League part 2.  2020 is currently as far ahead as DC Comics / Warner have given us yet with Cyborg getting a solo and Green Lantern set to be rebooted.

It has also been said that Man of Steel will get a second solo movie somewhere in their as well.

See the trailer for Batman V superman Dawn of Justice below.

* This page will be updated when new figures are available*

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