House of Lies and Episodes expected to get season renewals

Published On January 14, 2015 » 666 Views» By Darren Dimmick » News, TV
..Epsidoes and House of lies renewals.
Both House of Lies and Showtimes, are both expected to pick up season renewals according to Showtime president David Nevins.

When Showtimes slate of renewal and cancellation were spoke about recently, which included the renewal of Shameless.  Both the Matt Le Blanc fronted series Episodes and the Don Cheadle fronted series House of Lie were missing.

But when Nevin was asked about these two shows by reporters shortly after, he went onto say,

“Both House of Lies and Episodes haven’t been officially picked up, but I would anticipate good news,” he said.

“I think Episodes can go for – it gets deeper and richer every year as more characters start to earn their way on. It started out as this British couple plus Matt LeBlanc and now it’s a much wider ensemble.” The Showtime boss continued.
“The bigger the ensemble gets, the richer and longer the show can go.”

When he then turned to speaking about ‘House of Lie’ he said,

“Well, the whole cast is eligible to come back. Anybody who survives this year, who survives the 12th episode, you should expect to be back next year,” he explained.

Don Cheadle won a golden Globe for his portrayal of Business consultant Marty Kaan in 2012, and was again nominated this year.

House of Lies airs on Sky Atlantic in the UK, whilst Episodes airs on BBC 2.

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