Homeland Season 3 Finale – Is Nicholas Brody dead? What’s in store for season 4

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The End for Brody

Last night saw the last episode air of Homeland season 3, and for many of us left our jaw wide open with astonishment and amazement at the Death of Damien Lewis character Nicholas Brody.

According to an interview with Entertainment Weekly Damien Lewis said “I wanted him to go out with a bang. I wanted him to have a grand finale. I didn’t expect a hero’s finale because Brody is not a hero, he’s become too much of a tragic figure over the course of three seasons; he’s a damaged man.”

He also said that he found out about the plot to have him killed at the begging of shooting season 3.   It has left some not sure as to where the show will go. Some people believe Homeland is indeed about Nicholas Broody and now that he is out of the equation Homeland is finished.  However, others feel as though Homeland is precisely about that Homeland security, and that as seen for at least half of season 3 the show survived without much input from Brody.

After seeing Brody being hanged in Tehran, the rest of the episode begun creatimg the way for a homeland where Brody no longer exists.  Although some may argue that it could have been the perfect ending to a three-year show, with so many viewers and so much money it’s likely that season 4 will be coming our way.   According to Alex  Gansa ( Producer and screenwriter) although Saul will no longer be at Langley he will be coming back as a season 4  show regular.  The show is most likely to be centred around Carrie’s character which will see the show taking its self abroad as she is relocated in Istanbul.

At present season 4 has not even been written, but it is most likely to be returning October next year with a fresh new look, and a world where Brody is now only a memory.

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