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Katie has not yet told Andy about Lawrence’s offer and is thrown when Lawrence asks her if she’s made up her mind yet.

When Andy eventually is told about Katie and Lawrences plans, Lawrence is worried that Andy will tell Robert. Andy is frustrated that Robert is still managing to get to them, so he is determined to get away from him and Home Farm before it’s too late. Later, Andy is concerned to see Lawrence is already embedding himself in the community and is surprised when Lawrence makes him a no-strings offer.

Lawrence tells Andy that he would be a fool to reject his offer, and secretly Andy knows he’d be mad to refuse. Andy is optimistic about the thought of telling Robert that he has quit.

Soon afterwards, Katie is incredulous to hear that Andy has accepted the offer, but Andy insists it is a second chance for them. Later, Robert is thwarted to learn what has happened and hides his annoyance as they celebrate in the pub.

Robert tells everyone that Lawrence was sent to prison for being gay and taunts him for it, but his fiancée Chrissie is annoyed to overhear this. Robert promises Chrissie that he will apologise to her dad.

Meanwhile, Jai praises Priya’s work and asks her to stay on longer. However, she feels awkward when Jai insists that she doesn’t need Rakesh in her life anymore. Jai also announces that he is treating his family to a thank you meal. Priya invites

Rakesh and suggests they could use the opportunity to come clean about their relationship, but Jai is shocked to walk in on them kissing and his animosity towards Rakesh is still apparent.

Later, Jai follows up a lead on his missing son and meets a man. He spots Archie in a car, but before he can get to him, the car drives away.

The man tells Jai that Rachel is in trouble and needs £60k to go into rehab, and once he hands over the money, he can have Archie. Can a desperate Jai persuade his adversary Rakesh to give him the money to finally get his son back?

Everyone is shocked to see Jai with Archie and he lies about how Rachel has handed him over. However, Ali is sceptical and

doesn’t believe that Rachel would leave him.

Jai buries his guilt in his determination to keep his son, but Ali suspects that Jai may have done something to Rachel and calls the police. But where is Rachel? And can Jai suppress his guilt any longer, or will he too suspect foul play as to why Archie has been separated from her?

Elsewhere, Belle is nervous over her first day back at school. Lisa is also worried and tells Laurel how Gabby gave Belle a hard time this morning. Soon afterwards, Lisa is beside herself with worry when she learns that Belle never got to school.

Belle ends up alone at Gemma’s shrine but gets angry when Chrissie’s son Lachlan arrives and his dog tramples over it. Lachlan quizzes her over Gemma’s death and Belle can’t cope. Later, Lisa is concerned to see that Belle has dyed her hair dark. Once alone, a panicked Lisa reaches for her angina medicine as she worries over Belle’s future.
When Belle insists that she is not going back to school, a worried Lisa makes plans to get a home tutor. Marlon gives Belle confidence when he asks her to look after April for him later. Belle is secretly pleased for the opportunity and Lisa feels hopeful. However when Gabby declares that Belle has
threatened to kill her, a shocked Marlon retracts the offer.

Although Belle denies threatening Gabby, when Belle returns to confront Gabby over her accusations, Gabby is left in absolutely no doubt how Belle is feeling…

Also, Leyla arrives back from her business trip with presents for Jacob, but he’s not very enthusiastic. Jacob is distracted by Noah who dares him to steal charity money from the church. Kerry and Harriet, who are on a stakeout, spot Jacob leaving the church looking guilty. Have Harriet and Kerry found their vandal?

Finally, an excited Nicola tells Bernice that she and Jimmy are going to try for another baby. Nicola fusses over Jimmy ahead

of his vasectomy reversal tomorrow and Nicola is determined to be a fit and healthy mum.


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