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..Holly watches Cindy.
Holly catches Dirk checking Cindy’s phone, after her mystery guest keeps texting and making her smile. Holly promises to say nothing until she hears her mum on the phone, telling someone she loves them. Later, when her mum confirms that she is seeing someone else, Holly is furious. She decides to follow Cindy to her next rendezvous, but what will she see?

On Jason and Robbie’s 18th birthday, Ziggy gives Jason his little black book to help him out, but when Holly turns up at the party and sees Jason with two of Ziggy’s exes, she is devastated. Jason goes after her to talk but will they get back together?

.Grace's trial commences..
Mercedes finds out that Grace is bribing the judge at her trial. Freddie is annoyed at Grace for giving Rick the doorman job at The Loft. When Freddie asks Joe to help him get rid of Rick and set him up to steal from The Loft, he sees a hooded figure break in, but will all go according to plan?

When Sonny gives Carmen £1000 to put a deposit on a wedding venue, Nana’s eyes light up. However, she feels guilty when she takes the envelope out of Carmen’s bag. Mercedes is stunned to find out about Nana’s debt.

When Mercedes tells Judge McCarthy she tell the police he is corrupt, unless he finds Grace guilty, he agrees. Mercedes then wavers when she sees how worried Grace is without a judge in her pocket.

Will Nana confess to her wrongdoing?

.Rick is knocked to the floor..
Elsewhere, Freddie tells the Roscoe’s that Rick was attacked and suspicion falls on Joe, but will Rick reveal his attacker when he wakes up?

..Its trial day for Grace and after pleading ‘not guilty’, and weaving an unsuspecting villager into her wicked plan,will she walk free after all?

Joe wants to see Grace punished but is nervous in court. Obbie is heartbroken when his dad leaves. He goes to see Nancy, who later spots Nick at the bus stop. Can she persuade him to stay?

Will Mercedes and Freddie be able to shift the blame, or be held accountable for their actions?

Also, how will Darren react when he is made aware of Nancy’s whereabouts?

Finally, will Nana be true to her word when she promises to sort out the McQueen’s  mess

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