Gavin confess all about who he really is, Tracy is attacked, Michael ends up in Hospital – Coronation Street

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Worried about Tracy and the strain she is under, Ken offers to run the shop for her, suggesting she takes some time off. Tracy gratefully accepts.

When Ken confides in Roy about how concerned he is for Tracy and how he reckons her business is about to go under, Tony listens intrigued. When he then witnesses Tracy unwittingly buying a load of stolen gear from a dodgy punter, Tony warns her that the gear she bought is hot and the police are all over it. But as Tracy demands her money back.

As the thug tightens his grip on Tracy, Tony enters the shop and the man is momentarily distracted. Tracy takes the opportunity

to knee him in the groin and help herself to the cash in his wallet.

The thug leaves and Tony warns Tracy that she is playing a dangerous game, but she remains undeterred. However, when we later see Tony meeting up with the thug, it looks like Tracy may have bitten off more than she can chew this time!

Meanwhile, Leanne tries to chat to ‘Gavin’ about his old boss, but he quickly makes himself scarce leaving Leanne bemused. Steph moans to Leanne that since snogging her on New Year’s Eve, Gavin has barely spoken to her. Steph is further bemused when the real Gavin’s ex girlfriend Lisa calls in the Bistro

looking for him. Panicking, ‘Fake Gavin’ hides behind the bar.

Having encouraged ‘Gavin’ to tell Steph how he really feels, Michael decides it’s time he expressed his true feelings for Gail. Heading home, Michael plucks up the courage. Getting down on one knee, he proposes to Gail. Taken aback.

Later, Over breakfast, neither Gail nor Michael know what to say to each other. Gail confides in Audrey about how Michael proposed but she was too shocked to give him an answer. Audrey urges Gail to grab happiness while she can and suggests she throw a surprise engagement party in the Bistro.

When Micheal turns up to the Bistro is collapse he later wakes up in hospital. Gail explains that they’re waiting for his test results. Steph goes looking for ‘Gavin’ at his flat. Realising ‘Gavin’ is at home but refusing to answer the door, Steph shouts through the letterbox that she is not leaving until he lets her in.

When he finally opens the doors he confess all to Steph about not being who he says he is, and that his real name is Andy a friend of the real Gavin.

Finally, Maria invites Luke to stay the night as Liam is at a sleepover. Luke suggests dinner at the Bistro and Maria is delighted. But when Maria cancels because of baby-sitting problems Luke is disappointed. In an attempt to buy his

approval, Luke presents Liam with a new football. Liam is underwhelmed and when he falls over and hurts himself during a kick-about, it brings the evening to a swift end. Luke is again left disappointed.


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