FOX set release date for Fantastic Four 2, Taken 3 and Wolverine 3

Published On March 21, 2014 » 1949 Views» By Darren Dimmick » Movies

With so many great movies due to come from Fox over the next few years, its was about time that they gave us some dates to start looking forward too.

We announced the other day that there would be a return of a new Wolverine movie (see post), at the time we were unsure as to whether Huge Jackman would return for this movie but it has been confirmed that the man who is Wolverine will return.  The sequel to the X-Men spin off is due to hit Cinemas March 3rd 2017.

Next up is The Fantastic Four, although we have yet to see the first one in the rebooted Franchise, Fox have confirmed that The Fantastic Four 2 will be in Cinemas on July 14th 2017.  With Fox looking to keep as much of there Marvel Universe alive as possible  they have also released a date for their yet untitled film as July 13th 2018.

With Fox only owning the rights to both X-Men and Fantastic Four we assume the release date for the yet unnamed film will be Jeff Wadlows X-Force.

As well as confirming dates from their Marvel film franchises, they have also confirmed Taken 3 will hit cinemas on January 9th 2015.

Fox also currently have X-Men Days of Future Past  coming out on May 22nd, X-Men Apocalypse due out on May 27th 2016 and the first of the Fantastic Fours reboot out on the 19th June 2015.

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