Everything we know about The League of Extraordinary Gentleman reboot

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The league of extraordinary gentleman reboot
In the realms of comic book the League of Extraordinary Gentleman is a relatively new one, being first created in 1999.

Although a lot of the characters from the comics come from characters that have been around for sometime but are brought together to fight against evil.

Over the last few months their has been talk about The League of Extraordinary Gentleman being rebooted, after the 2003 movie made $179 million on a $78 million budget and being considered a flop, no further sequels were made with the original cast which was lead by Sean Connery.

Back in 2013 there was an attempt to turn ‘The League of Extraordinary Gentleman into a TV series, but after the pilot was never picked up by a network the project was unsurprisingly dropped.

Recently producer John Davis who is behind such hits as I.Robot and more recently Guy Ritchies rebooted movie The Man from U.N.C.L.E, said at the 2015 Television Critics Association press tour that a new “League” reboot, backed by 20th Century Fox, will be female-centric,

Some of the previous female characters to have appeared in issues of the comic includes, Ayesha an Immortal, brutal, deposed ruler of the African kingdom, Dejah Thoris a princess of Mars and John Carter’s lover, Marry Poppins who has reality bending powers and Olympia Queen of Toyland.

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