Escape from New York remake given green light

Published On January 14, 2015 » 653 Views» By Darren Dimmick » Headlines, Movies, News
80’s movie Escape from New York, has been picked up by Fox with the intentions to move ahead with production.

The original movie which was released in 1981 and starred Kurt Russell, was set in a futuristic 1997 where the whole city had been turned into a max security prison.

A remake of Escape From New York has been spoke about for some time, but now we hear that executive producer John Carpenter is involved this time around, and that creative powers have been handed to him.

The last we heard about possible actor to take over from Russell were, Charlie Hunnam (PACIFIC RIM, Sons of Anarchy), Jon Bernthal (THE WOLF OF WALL STREET, The Walking Dead) and Dan Stevens (THE GUEST, Downton Abbey), but at present no one has been confirmed and now that fox have the rights to the movie they may have a completely different cast in mind.

It does comes as a little surprising that Carpenter has been linked to a remake as when he was question only last year about people remaking his movies he said,

“What I do is, I sit on my couch, I extend my hand, and a check drops [into it]… They remake everything these days, it doesn’t mean anything. They just remake it because they think that the audience is so stupid that they won’t go see anything original. They look down on you, don’t you see that? I just want to get the check, that’s all I give a shit about.”

The plan remains to make this the first in a series of films, and the next job will be to put a script together, and hire a director.

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