Elementary Season 3 What to expect – Spoilers Beware

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The US premiered Elementary season 3 last week with the  UK set to air it next week, but whats in store for the detective series.
Spoilers Bewares

The new series will see Sherlock ( Johnny Lee Miller), returns with a new protege by his side after suddenly disappearing at the end of series 2.

Tensions will be high as Sherlock tries to get back round Joan after just leaving her not knowing what had happened.

Joan has now moved on since Sherlock took to working at MI6, and with 8 months passing since season 2 Joan has now got her own apartment, a new love interest and is still consulting for the NYPD.

Sherlocks new protege is Kitty winter played by Ophelia Lovibond (Guardians of the Galaxy ). Executive producer Rob Doherty recently spoke about the arrival of the new character stating,

Kitty Winter was a very small but very important character in “The Adventure of the Illustrious Client.” So even though she doesn’t get a ton of attention in the story, she stood out to us, and when it became clear we were going to have Sherlock come back to New York with a new partner in tow, Kitty became this very intriguing candidate. And the more we talked about her, the more we liked the idea. K itty has something of a murky past, and that’s something we will speak to very early in the season. Like the character she is based on, she went through a terrible trauma and recovered from it and, eventually, caught the eye of Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock is very aware of her personal history. As a character, I would say she’s very coiled. She is certainly rougher around the edges than Joan Watson is or was.

Things don’t get off to a great start for Kitty and Joan. In fact, their first confrontation is physical. So they most definitely get off on the wrong foot. Joan, of course, has never heard of Kitty, but Kitty has heard plenty of Joan. As far as protégés go, she’s the gold standard, and Sherlock will often, for better or worse, compare Kitty to Joan. And that can grate on you after a while. So Kitty is predisposed to, if not dislike Joan, then to be competitive around her.


London didn’t work out for Sherlcok working with  MI6.  Which leads him to return to NYC as a  mentor again believing it will be helpful to him and his process. But geography plays a factor in what he does.

Sherlock becomes eager to start consulting for the NYPD again, but although Captain Gregson is willing to have him back in the midst of things again the ultimate decision lays with Joan Watson.

As Irene Adler or Mycroft were central to the previous 2 seasons, Baron Gruner will become a central villainous figure to look out for in season 3.

Elementary Season 3 premieredr in the US on October 30th on CBS, with the UK airing it on Tuesday 11th on Sky Living.

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