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Chas’s birthday arrives but she is not in a good mood – she has lost her best friend and now suspects that Aaron and Robert are back on. Aaron overhears Chas telling Paddy her concerns about Robert. A frustrated Diane confides in Doug about how she wishes she could help.

Later, Robert comes to see Aaron, but Aaron tells him things are over between them.

Meanwhile, Nicola puts on bravado in front of Val and Bernice, lying about having had a great night at the B&B with Jimmy. As Priya is busy at the salon,

Nicola offers to take Amba for a walk. Bernice and Jimmy are soon both concerned when they realise that Nicola has been lying about their night.

With rain chucking down, Nicola takes shelter in a barn with Amba but then realises they’ve been locked in. Nicola gets out her phone to ring for help, but she hasn’t got any signal. Back at the salon, Priya is worried that Nicola is not back with Amba yet and begins to panic further when she overhears Jimmy and Bernice discussing Nicola’s early menopause.

Feeling worried, she phones the police.

Priya is with David and Rakesh as the police tell them there is no news on Amba. Georgia is speechless to hear that they think Nicola has kidnapped her. Alicia and Debbie try to reassure Georgia, but she offends David.

Later, James arrives at the barn and is stunned to see Nicola, who says she has been falsely imprisoned. She wheels Amba out, leaving James shocked

Back in the village, police officers take a statement from Jimmy. Bernice and Rodney are shocked when Jimmy admits to them that he doesn’t really know what Nicola is capable of. Later, Nicola is stunned as she walks back into the village and is promptly sped away in a police car. How will she feel when she hears that even Jimmy doubted her?

Nicola is the talk of the village, but she is quick to tackle the gossip head on. At the same time, Rodney

warns Jimmy that if he doesn’t do something nice for Nicola, he’ll lose her. Later in The Woolpack, Rodney suggests to Nicola that she should let Jimmy make it up to her. To everyone’s surprise, Jimmy suddenly walks into the pub dressed as Tom Cruise in Top Gun and serenades Nicola. Will it work?

Also, Chrissie is unsettled, thinking David is hiding something as they discuss Lachlan. Chrissie eventually confides in Robert about her worries over

Lachlan, wondering if he is gay.

Chrissie is worried when she finds a scarf in Lachlan’s bag, but he covers as to who it’s for. Soon afterwards, Nicola sees Lachlan as he opens a bag containing an expensive ladies handbag and confronts him, believing it is Chrissie’s, but Lachlan is defensive.

Later, after Alicia has seen the bag left for her, David decides to tackle the issue and heads to Home Farm to confront Lachlan. David then explains to Alicia that it was Lachlan who bought her the bag and he has a crush on her. Alicia is dismayed when she learns that David has warned him off as he’s only a kid.

Alicia goes to see Lachlan herself, but is thrown when Chrissie asks if she knows anything about Lachlan’s mystery girlfriend. Alicia kindly returns the bag, telling him that it wouldn’t be fair of her to keep it. At the same time, Chrissie tells Robert about the scarf and Robert tries to reassure her, but she is still uneasy.

Later, David tells Alicia that he has to take Amba to the hospital with Priya, but Lachlan panics to overhear this, knowing that he has sabotaged David’s van.

Finally, Rachael gets news that she has been offered the job in Luton.

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