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Chrissie is rattled when Cain warns her about letting Lachlan go near Belle. Chrissie later finds Lachlan skipping school and tells him about Cain’s warning, worrying that he’s doing the same as he did before. Chrissie is unconvinced as Lachlan reassures her. Lawrence admits to Robert that he was wrong about him. Robert also tells Lawrence about how Andy wants Wylie’s farm rent-free. Andy is thrown when Robert wants a formal rent agreement. Andy tells him about Lawrence’s plan to set him up with Katie, but Robert is undeterred. Will Robert show any mercy?

At the playground, Lachlan joins Belle as she sits alone. Things seem okay until out of the blue Belle lashes out, hitting him

before rushing off…

Later Katie speaks with Andy, as she tries to make Andy see that he should be fighting Robert not Debbie.

Victoria sympathises with Andy as he looks at the cost of solicitor fees, annoyed that he’s not going to see Robert. Andy relents, telling Robert about wanting to go for custody. Andy later feels betrayed when Moira tells him there’s no work for him at the farm, given how things are between him, Debbie and Pete. Later, Moira tries to reassure Pete as he worries about how this could impact on Debbie’s custody case. Moira and Cain worry when DI Bails arrives to arrest Pete for manslaughter.

Meanwhile, Cain and Moira are both furious when the police arrive at Butler’s, wanting to investigate stolen cars. They soon discover that Charity and Ross have been using the farm for their illegal business. Cain storms over to Charity and Ross, warning them to shift the cars. The situation is one step too far for Debbie, who is fed up with defending her mum. Moira is furious at having to cover for Charity. Later in The Woolpack, tensions are high as the truth comes out about the dodgy business. Moira wants Charity out of the house and Cain feels caught in the middle.

Elsewhere, Jimmy is supposedly back to normal after his reversal, Nicola is keen to crack on and make a baby. After some interference from Georgia, their intimate moment starts to take shape – but afterwards Jimmy is privately very concerned.

Nicola is frustrated until Jimmy makes an admission.

Also, Laurel is fed up over Marlon’s concern for April and things reach a head when she breaks down in tears at work. Later, Marlon is speechless when a ruthless Nicola confronts him, slyly pocketing his phone as she goes. Marlon and Laurel are excited but nervous ahead of their date. They enter the B&B and Finn offers to show them to their bedroom. Unfortunately, when a large group arrives, their plans are soon derailed.

Finally, Pete tells Debbie that he’s up in court for manslaughter. He fears this changes everything and he’s lost her. As the court date comes Pete is dreading it, but he hears the date has been postponed and is intrigued when out of the blue DI

Bails suggests they strike a deal. But what exactly does DI Bails want?


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