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..Bobby returns home to a delighted Ian and Jane.
After Mick and Dean both track down Shirley Dean is left reeling when she confides in him.

Elsewhere,there is relief all round when the Beales receive a phone call from Masood, who has found Bobby. However, Jane’s relief once Bobby returns is short-lived when she finds a folder full of press cuttings about Lucy’s murder. Bobby admits that he has been trying to help with the investigation and now wants to move back to the Square. Ian and Jane argue over Bobby’s desire to move back to the Square. Jane doesn’t trust Ian anymore as she knows about him and Rainie, but he continues to plead for another chance. Confused over what to do, Jane goes to seek advice from Sharon but ends up confiding in Phil.

..Denise is horrified to find Lucy's phone and wallet when she digs Patrick's allotment.
Also, The pressure of caring for Patrick is starting to take its toll on Denise. Shabnam is surprised when she spots that some wine has gone missing from the Minute Mart, but Denise makes an excuse by claiming that some bottles smashed. However, Shabnam’s suspicions grow when she receives a call from head office about discrepancies with the takings. after a heart-to-heart with Dean, Denise returns home to find that Shabnam has cooked a meal for her and Patrick. Shabnam also goes to help Denise with her shopping, but is stunned to find the missing wine as well as stolen food in Denise’s bags. With news from the council that Patrick will loose his allotment if its no cleared up, Patrick is upset so Denise decides to look after it her self. However, she is shell shocked after finding Lucy’s phone and wallet. Her discovery doesn’t stay secret for long, as when Jay goes to deliver Denise some soup from Patrick, he realises what she has found
.Denise runs up to a horrified Jay and takes out the carrier bag from the rubbish..
and immediately calls Ben. At the same time, Denise talks to Masood about the situation and they both agree that Ian needs to hear the truth.

As everyone waits for the detectives to arrive, Ben turns up and demands to speak to Ian alone. Face-to-face with his brother, Ben finally confesses to his actions on the night of Lucy’s murder. Soon afterwards, Ben begs Ian and Jane not to tell the police, but as the detectives knock on the door, what will Ian decide?

Meanwhile, amid the Lucy situation, Ben bumps into Johnny and tries to kiss him after misreading the situation. When Johnny rejects him, Ben’s mood only worsens.

Finally, Lola manages to clear the air with Abi by assuring her that nothing is going on between her and Ben. Abi then decides

Ben tries to kiss Johnny
to reveal that she is seeing Ben, which shocks Lola.

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