DC Comics Suicide Squad movie confirm character line up

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suicide squad movie line up
The DC/Warner movie based on the Suicide squad comics, has confirmed which villains we will see in the line up.

In another step to build their DC universe, Warner have a another movie already added to the slate beyond their BatmanV superman mash up and their confirmed Shazam movie.  We wrote about the Suicide Squad movie getting the green light some weeks ago, with former stunt man and Sabotage director David Ayer attached.

It has now been confirmed that the characters that will star in the movie are Blockbuster, Multiplex, Jaculi, Mindboggler, Harkness, Vixen and Deadshot.

Anyone that follows Comic Book adaption will all be familiar with Dead Shot from The CW series Arrow.  But lets take a look at who these characters are.

BlockBuster – After experimenting on himself, he succeeded in making himself stronger and taller, but as a side-effect of the process he also became almost mindlessly aggressive.

Multiplex –  He can split himself into two or more separate beings, each possessing superhuman strength.

Jaculi – Jaculi can produce three-seconds bursts of superhuman speed, accelerating instantly, and is also proficient in Martial arts.

MindBlogger – Mindboggler possessed psionic powers that let her induce vertigo and nausea in a victim, create realistic illusions or force a victim to carry out her will.

Harkness – Also known as Captain Boomerangdue to his ability to uses a variety of high-tech boomerang for committing his crimes.

Vixen -  Vixen started of as a hero, who later became a villain with her abilities to channel the powers of the animal kingdom

Deadshot – Who is of course a ‘DeadShot’ – never misses his target, and the leader of the group.

Its has been said that the movie will be centered mainly around Deadshot, Harkenss and Vixen.  Although there is no scheduled release date and we are therefore unaware where this will fit into the DC movie universe, its not entirely impossible that the Suicide Squad movie could be an introduction to the characters for them to later reappear against the Justice League.

Of course we will keep you posted on any developments.

*Update* Since writing Warner Bros have confirmed that the movie is set for a 2016 release date.

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