David learns the truth about Callum, Gary ends up in hospital, any Roy is arrested – Christmas at Coronation Street

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Lloyd and Andrea are perturbed to learn that Steve is wasting even more money on restoring his car. Lloyd decides to talk to him but Andrea urges caution, revealing that he’s been having health issues. As Lloyd tackles Steve about his visit to the doctor and his unusual behaviour, how will Steve react? Later, Steve transfers £4,000 of Streetcars’ money into his own account.

Later, in an effort to appear less miserable, Steve suggests they hold a massive Christmas party at The Rovers. Liz is unimpressed when Steve invites Tracy along too. Tracy then winds up Tony, pointing out that he’ll be spending Christmas Day with both her and Liz. Later, when Steve arrives back in the pub laden down with bags of goodies, Liz is taken aback by the amount of stuff he has bought. As he pays for the work on his

car, where is Steve getting his cash?

Meanwhile, When Kal finds Gary and Alya chatting in the street, he angrily sends Alya back to work and tells Gary to stay away from her. In an effort to be civil, Izzy allows Gary to take Jake for the afternoon. However, while Gary steps in to help Roy – who’s getting hassle from some teenagers in the café – Jake cuts himself.

When Izzy spots Jake’s cut, she immediately blames Gary for his lack of care. Witnessing this, Owen turns on Gary and issues a few home truths of his own!

Faye gives Gary the money she has received from an aunt and tells him to buy a present for Jake. Soon afterwards, Gary is gutted to discover that he has bought the same gift as Anna. Izzy is annoyed, pointing out that Gary knew what Anna had bought. Katy is also quick to put the knife in, suggesting that

Gary is preoccupied with Alya.

Humiliated, Gary sets off back to the toy shop, but having returned Jake’s present, he blows the money on beer instead. Anna, Owen and Faye are furious with him so Gary heads out, telling them that he’ll spend Christmas elsewhere.

After Gary break Fayes present, a sheepish Gary returns home and promises Faye that he’ll find the money to replace her headphones. Owen is scathing, claiming that even Anna has had enough of him. Gary asks Tracy and David if he can borrow some money, but they both give him short shrift. When Gary then overhears Carla insisting that Roy joins her for a bite to eat later, a desperate Gary forms a plan and pockets Anna’s

keys to the café.

As Roy sets off for Carla’s, he finds the teenagers loitering outside and retreats back inside out of fright. Assuming Roy to be out, Gary lets himself into the café, hoping to steal some cash. Finding the till empty, Gary makes to leave but is stopped in his tracks as Roy – mistaking Gary for one of the teenage thugs – smacks him to the ground with a cricket bat. As Sinead watches with horror from across the road, will Roy stop there?

Elsewhere, Steph and ‘Gavin’ flirt as they work side-by-side at the Bistro. When Nick and Erica call in, Steph announces that she has employed ‘Gavin’ as permanent barman as she refuses to hold the fort alone over Christmas.

Also, desperate to ensure they have the best Christmas ever, Kylie arrives home laden with presents and asks David to buy something special for Lily. Later, Kylie is unnerved when Callum drops his car into the garage for a service and tells her that she’ll be seeing more of him. Calling in The Rovers, Callum flirts with Liz first then Eva. What is Callum’s game?

When christmas day arrives, Gail, Michael and David call in the Bistro to see Nick, Kylie stays at home to prepare Christmas dinner. However, she is horrified when Callum lets himself in and presents Max with a brand new bike. Kylie orders Callum out of the house but Callum refuses to leave. Pulling out a bag of speed, Callum offers it to her.

Arriving back, David catches them red-handed. Callum introduces himself to David, explaining that he is Max’s dad,

Kylie’s ex and her drug dealer. David is horrified. Soon afterwards, Gail, Michael and Audrey return home to find David and Callum fighting. As her family life implodes, is Kylie about to lose everything?

Finally, Rob’s sentencing is the talk of The Rovers. When Norris makes an insensitive remark, Carla walks out and it’s left to Roy to console her as she struggles to deal with the news.

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