David is Kidnaped, Michael moves closer to the truth about Andy, Sinead walks – Coronation Street

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Callum is stunned to find Andy in his car and frogmarches him into the pub, demanding answers. Andy makes out that he was trying to steal his car and the drugs just fell out of his pocket. Callum is having none of it and menacingly threatens Andy, until David bursts in, admitting that he ordered Andy to plant drugs with the intention of then reporting Callum to the police. As an angry Callum vows to teach him a lesson, David does a runner.

Later Andy arrives at his birthday party, explaining to Gail and Steph how David is in trouble. As David runs down a darkened street, he is suddenly pounced upon by Gemma, Callum and Macca, who drag him towards the car.

Scared to death and trapped in the boot of Callum’s car, David shouts for help. Callum insists that David needs to be taught a lesson, but what does he have in store for him?

At the same time, Andy explains to a horrified Nick and Gail how David tried to plant drugs on Callum. Steph and Andy are left rowing when Andy suggests that he should move away and start afresh on his own. Deeply hurt, Steph tells him that they’re finished. She then confides in Luke about how Andy has been leading a double life and masquerading as Michael’s son Gavin. How will Luke react to her revelation?

Later, Gail prepares for her wedding, but is left upset when Audrey phones to say she is poorly and won’t be

able to make the service. Just as Gail hopes nothing else will go wrong, Luke marches across the street and punches Andy, ordering him to stay away from Steph.

At the registry office, Michael waits nervously with Nick and Andy. Gail arrives looking a million dollars but when Andy – sporting a black eye – is forced to admit that Luke now knows about his double life, Gail despairs. Suddenly consumed with guilt, the wedding service grinds to a halt, Michael is devastated. Can Gail overcome her nerves and marry the man she loves, or has guilt finally got the better of her and will

she confess all to Michael?

Later, Sarah slips out of the wedding to meet Callum in The Rovers. Bethany gets drunk and causes a scene in the pub. Andy admits to Steph how he thought about leaving but couldn’t as he loves her too much. Will the couple reconcile?

Elsewhere, having been given the all-clear by the doctor, Jenny takes Jack home and asks him not to mention it to Kevin. Clocking them, Tyrone wonders

why Jack was at the doctors. Kevin is bemused.

Jenny lies to Kevin, but when Jack lets slip that Jenny took him to see the doctor, Kevin demands to know what’s going on and why she lied to him. Jenny admits that she spotted a rash on Jack’s neck but realises she overreacted. Kevin says that he needs to be able to trust Jenny if their relationship is to work. Sophie warns her dad that Jenny’s behaviour is strange.

Kevin is grateful when Jenny offers to look after Jack for the day while he and Tyrone attend a meeting. Sophie makes it clear that she disapproves. When a woman compliments Jenny on Jack’s manners, Jenny thanks her, making out that Jack is her son.

When Jenny hears that Jack’s child minder is going to be out of action for weeks as she has broken her leg, she secretly phones her employer and quits her job. What is Jenny up to?

Also, Elsewhere, urged on by Sam at the hospital, Sinead walks a few steps with the aid of crutches. Witnessing their bond, Chesney feels a pang of jealousy. However, when the doctor tells Sinead she is ready to return home, it’s Chesney that Sinead hugs with elation.

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