Criminal Minds Returns for Season 9 * Spoilers*

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criminal minds-season9So last week saw Criminal mind Season 9 return to our Screens on sky Living.  In there first case of the season ” The Inspiration” we saw the BAU go to Arizona to be confronted with a cannibal Sociopath, who had some sort of psychotic break.

Criminal Minds will hit the milestone of 200 episodes this series, and therefore the writing team have been working towards making sure that this season has some extra treats in store.

Season 9 will see Paget Brewster return as Prentiss, as well as Jayne Atkinson reprising her role as section chief Strauss.   Although we will see much-loved characters return this season, it is unfortunate that we will not see Mandy Patinkin reprise his role as Jason Gideon, especially as he was one of my all time favourite Criminal Mind Characters.


Criminal Minds Season 9 Episode 8, fans will get a glimpse of just how Derek Morgan acts towards his lady lovers.  In an interview with TV Line, Moore admits that Savannah, the lady-love, will bring out a side that most viewers don’t know about Morgan. “You see this humbled side of Morgan, where he has to realise, ‘I’ve met my match.’ I’ve got somebody on my level. that keeps him on his toes, which is exciting.”  Some fans maybe disappointed by this revelation, if they were holding out for a Derek/ Garcia romance.

It has been said the its imperative that you must not miss episode 14 ( 199th Episode) as at the end of this episode a cliffhanger will be set ready for the 200th episode.

If you have been a fan of Criminal Minds then be sure not to miss this season, if you missed any episodes then be sure to catch up on Sky Demand.

Criminal Minds Season 9, Mondays 9:00pm – Sky Living.

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