Could X-Men get a TV series

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As the studios look to dominate cinema screens with comic book adaption movies, it seems that the money spinning genre is hell bent on taking over television, with the latest announcement that an X-Men series is on the cards.

Last a year a rumour did the rounds online that Fox had an X-Men series in the pipeline, well its seems that it may be a little more than a rumour when Fox entertainment chairman Gary Newman recently revealed to TV Insider “It’s in negotiations”.

Although Fox have the full movie rights to the X-Men characters, any television rights are currently owned by Marvel and its parent company Disney. Meaning that if Fox are to movie forward with the project a deal needs to be struck with these studios for the project to movie forward.

It seems that Fox are confident in a deal being agreed as 24 producers Evan Katz and Manny Coto have already signed on to develop a potential X-Men series.

If X-Men does come to the small screen it will join Marvels Agents of Shield, along with Marvels recently deal with Netflix to produce a Defenders mini series set to air later this year.

Although at present Marvel seem to hold the majority audience share on the movie screen, it is DC that seem to be capturing audiences attentions on the small screen with The CW’s Arrow and the Flash both generating record rating along with Fox’s Gotham first series receiving critical praise. It also seems that Warner/DC have other TV projects on the horizon with a Supergirl series currently in production, and a prequel to superman entitled Krypton receiving a pilot order.

At this point it’s not known whether the movie universe will connect with the TV universe but due to its early nature in the project, its unlikely to see anything until late 2016 early 2017.

We will keep you posted.

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