Could there be a Friends Reunion, we take a look at the rumours and the facts.

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Will they? Wont they? Fans are constantly begging for a Freinds reunion but the cast don’t seem to want to go there, or do they?

Lisa Kudrow has admitted that she would prefer to do a full season if there was ever to be a Friends reunion.

Since the hit sitcom came to a conclusion in 2004, there have been numerous suggestions that a reunion could occur in the form of either a special episode or movie. However, numerous cast members have refuted the claims each time.

The last rumour that was circulated was that the three ladies ( Aniston, Cox and Kurdrow) would all be apearing in a new series about three ladies going through amid life crisis.  But Courtney Cox quickly put that to rest when speaking to E online saying,

“No, there’s no truth to that. No,” Cox said on the set of Cougar Town. “I wish! How fun. We have dinner, like, every month or so, and we have the best time. I will bring it up next dinner, for sure!”

During a Reddit AMA session to promote the upcoming return of The Comeback on HBO, Kudrow responded to one fan who asked which format she would prefer should the NBC comedy ever return.

“I’ll go for it,” Kudrow said. “A whole season, because to spend that much time with those people again would be heaven!”

So from that it seems that Kudrow could be on board for a reunion, and Cox certainly didn’t say no.

But when Matt LeBlanc who played Joey Tribbiani in the classic sitcom spoke about the possibility earlier this year he commented with, “No one wants to see Chandler at his kid’s soccer game talking to other people. It was those characters in a room relying on each other and past that it’s not the same environment so I don’t see it happening.”

As for Mathew Perry and David Schwimmer they have been very tight-lipped on the possibility of a reunion.  With Jennifer Aniston riding high after ‘Were the Millers’ it may be some time before we see her signing up for a comeback.

For now the closest we will get to a Friend reunion is when Jennifer Aniston – who played Rachel Green in the long-running sitcom – recently went onto the Jimmy Kimmel Live. Kimmel explained how he’d written some ‘fan fiction’, he then revealed that he wanted to act out a scene with both Cortney cox and Lisa Kudrow making guest appearances. See it below.

We will keep you posted, if anything is to change.

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