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.Linda enjoys her birthday gift from Dean..
It’s Linda’s birthday and Dean offers her a special pamper at Blades as a gift. As the rest of the family prepare a birthday meal for Linda, Dean helps Linda to unwind and enjoys the one-on-one time that he spends with her.

Later, Mick invites Dean to join the rest of the family for Linda’s celebratory dinner. Linda is happy Dean is there but is oblivious to his growing infatuation

.Pam, Mo, Cora and Linda follow Sonia's lead at the Fat Busters class..
Elsehwhere, The Carol house hold are facing mounting debt, which is made worse when they discover that Bianca has taken out a loan and now the Bailiffs want repayment. Carol decides to team up with Tosh to make some quick money and Sonia decides to starts a fat blaster club to help with the finacial problems.

Finally, Alfie’s latest money-making scheme sees him lumbered with a load of dodgy stock – some ice cream that is not quite right. Following some encouragement from Kat, he soon turns on the charm to shift the supply – but Aleks is still out

.Roxy is furious after learning the truth about Aleks ..
to cause trouble for Alfie after last week and issues him with a fine for trading without the correct licence.

Later, Alfie goes into the market office to pay the fine and discovers that Aleks is hiding something. Alfie ropes in Tamwar to help him and they find out that Aleks has a wife in Latvia.

Alfie tries to let Roxy know about his recent discovery but Roxy pushes it to one side, when Roxy is alone with Alek later she starts to question him on his

Tamwar opens Aleks' laptop and Roxy sees the evidence for herself.
previous life in Latvia not convinced with what Alek is saying she goes to Tamwar to get some answers. Its not long before Roxy starts to see red and decides to set up Alek up.


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