Could Chris Pratt and Channing Tatum be set to star in a Ghostbuster movie spin off.

Published On December 16, 2014 » 313 Views» By Darren Dimmick » Movies, News
It is being reported that both Channing Tatum and Chris Pratt, are being eyed up to star in a spin off to Kevin Feig’s Ghostbusters 3.

More news from inside Sony Pictures from the recent leaked emails, has given an insight into how Captain Americas: The Winter Soldier directors Joe and Anthony Russo, are both eager to develop a sin off to the Ghostbusters Franchise.

“Let us show the world The DarkSide and let us fight it with all the glory and epicness of a HUGE BATMAN BEGINS MOVIE,” wrote Tatum in an email titled ‘Ghostbusters’ (via The Daily Beast).

“I know we can make this a huge franchise. Fun adventure craziness. COME OONNNN!!!”

Columbia Pictures co-president of production Hannah Minghella revealed further details in a second email.

“The Russos, Channing and Reid have been brainstorming ideas and want to create a whole new mythology that would support multiple movies (the way that Nolan reinvented Batman),” she wrote.

“To be clear – the Russos want to produce (not direct) and while Channing and Chris are looking for a movie to do together they haven’t mentioned this to him yet because they weren’t sure how we’d react.

“They want to make it simultaneously super scary while also super funny. They love the idea that they are mortal heroes who are believers in the paranormal and the only people who can defend mankind from a paranormal threat. I know we’re mid negotiations with Paul.”

Another leaked email recently revealed how Channiny Tatum may star in a Men in black & Jump Street cross over ( See story here).

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