Could Charmed return to our TV Screens ?

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Could Charmed  make a come back after being of our screens for 8 years, or are fans just hopeful.

Back in April this year it was said that Charmed would be making a come back after a season 9 comic was released in 2012, with a 10th edition of the comic set to be launched this year.   Since then fans have been wanting to know as to whether or not we could see Charmed rebooted on to our TV Screens.

It has been reported that Charmed is still one of the most binged watched TV shows on the streaming service Netflix, showing that interest for the show has not dwindled.

It was also reported in 2013 that  writing had commenced on a new TV series, but in a recent interview with original cast member Shannen Doherty she said,

“I know the fans would love [Charmed to return] more than anything,” she said. “I have no idea if it would work.  I think it could as it’s a show that people still love and adore and they will never get sick of, but I definitely don’t want to see new people playing those parts”

Docherty who starred in the TV series as Prue Halliwell from 1998 to 2001 also went onto to say,

“People fall in love and get invested in those particular characters, so to go, ‘Here it is again, get reinvested’, people would go, ‘Wait, wait, where are my original sisters?'”I just don’t know if you can capture that again, to take a show that impacted with fans to such a degree, then bring it back with a totally different cast, I’m not sure that you will ever recapture what the original was.”

She summed up her thoughts and what many fans may feel by saying ” Charmed would not be Charmed without the original cast”.

With comic book TV series and movies currently at their peak could it be the right time to give it a go, even if they could entice 1 of the original cast members back to give it some continuity it may just work.  Although with the continued cross over from Big screen to small screen, it may worth investing in a feature-length movie to give fans there fix of Witch Craft.

Whats your thoughts on a Charmed reboot.

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