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The Lomaxes hear Danny's confession.
Sienna frames Danny by creating an online profile for him as ‘SexyStranger007′ , and an oblivious George asks ‘Sexy’ to meet up. Imagine his surprise when Danny turns up at the garage. Will the Lomaxes wise up to Sienna’s wicked ways?

Nana overhears Leela and Tegan bad-mouthing Ziggy, after he tells them what he’s been up to online, and jumps to his defense.

Meanwhile, when Blessing finds out it’s Dennis’s birthday tomorrow, she urges him to

.Jason collapses..
celebrate, after George tells him to move on from Leanne. Dennis is suspicious of Blessing as she is acting shifty and at the same time his iPod goes missing. When he turns up at The Dog, where Blessing has organised a surprise party, he has two police officers in tow and Blessing is led away…has he lost her forever, or can they get past this misunderstanding?

Also today, George tries to avoid Danny who turns up at the garage again and tells him he doesn’t want to get involved. Ziggy tells George to go ahead and have an affair, unaware that the man in question is Danny. Later on, at the Hollyoaks High talent show, no one is aware that Sienna has messed with the soundboard and so the entire audience hears Danny telling George that he’s bisexual -including the Lomaxes. Could this spell the end for the long suffering family? Especially after Tom tells Peri that Sienna will split her family up, just like the Osbornes. She doesn’t listen and when Sienna gives her tickets for her favourite band, she is thrilled, but because the concert is in Manchester, they sneak off and take their passports – is Sienna going to kidnap her? Sam panics when she realises Peri is missing and so the Lomaxes are hot on their heels while Peri is overwhelmed when she gets to meet her idols.,

..Hollyoaks: 3865: 2014-05-16.
Elsewhere, Jason and Holly are running out of money, so Holly takes a job in a sleazy bar as a promotions girl, but tells Jason she is working in a bakery. She starts her first day dressed in a skimpy outfit and is charmed straight away by her boss Rick. However, when she attempts to steal money from the till, as diabetic Jason struggles to keep his strength up, Rick catches her. He chats her up and leans in to kiss her but she bats him off, just as Jason comes through the door and collapses. Rick later turns up at the McQueens  and drags Sonny outside ,punching him and leaving him unconcious. While Rick is fighting for his freedom, Jason is trying to make amends with Holly but has he missed his chance?

In other news, after finding a lump down below, Dennis wants to live life to the full and tells Blessing he would marry her now if she wanted to. She refuses and storms out of the boarding house before revealing a secret about her past to a shocked Tony…

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