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..Hollyoaks: 3921: 2014-08-04.
Leela decides to stay behind as the Lomaxes prepare to move to New Zealand. Ste is devastated to learn that they are going without him and Peri dosen’t want to go either. She hides the fact but ends up getting drunk with Tom. Cameron offers to take Peri home and she occidentally confirms his suspicions that something is up. Sam had already made it clear that Cameron must not find out what’s going on but Ste tells him and Cameron is desperate not to lose his daughter. Sam persuades Peri to put a brave face on for Leelas sake, when the girl finally tells her how she feels. Once everything is settled, the rest of the Lomaxes’  say their goodbyes to Leela, Tom and Ste. But turning to a cocktail of drink and drugs for comfort, Ste runs a bath and ends up unconscious in it. Can Leela and John Paul save him in time?

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Also, Lindsey attempts to rekindle her relationship with Freddie, but will he be wise to her ulterior motive?

Meanwhile, when Sinead reveals a life-changing dilemma, Tony’s world comes crashing down. Then she goes on a date with Darryl, but she really wants to be with Tony

When the new villain, ‘Big Bob’, turns up at The Loft, Trevor is left stunned as he turns threatening to get what he is owed.

Will Ziggy stand by and let him steal his girl, as Cameron comforts Leela?

Sinead is shocked by what Cindy has to say
John Paul worries that their relationship is over before it’s begun, as Ste lies unconscious in hospital.

Cindy confronts Sinead and accuses her of having an affair with Rhys. Sinead is shocked and thinks she means Tony. Then, when Cindy hatches a plan to run away with Rhys, Holly locks her in the flat and rushes to tell Dirk. But when they return, she has escaped and is making her way towards Tony’s flat as Rhys says he can’t leave without ‘Katy’. Will Cindy kidnap Dee-Dee?

Finally, is Leela falling for Cameron?

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