Chrissie take revenge on Robert, whilst charlie comes looking for Ross – Emmerdale

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Aaron is sceptical about Chas’s decision to go on holiday with James. Chas also has some reservations, as she is worried about leaving Aaron with Robert. When Chas struggles to find her passport, she texts James to warn him. Shortly afterwards, Cain warns James not to mess his sister about.

Later, Finn is suspicious about his mother after finding a photo, but will he work out that she is also behind the missing passport? Either way, it’s all too much for Chas and she leaves James disappointed.

Emma is put into a tight corner when Finn confronts her with Ross over Chas’s stolen passport. Knowing the mugging was also fake, Finn insists that Emma needs to come clean to James about the missing passport otherwise he will. Emma is left in a panic over what to do, until she overhears a suspicious conversation between Debbie and Ross. Emma is delighted as it gives her collateral.

Debbie tells Emma that it would be best if she didn’t attend the engagement party, but Emma warns her what she overheard and tells her that she looks

forward to seeing her there. Emma is relieved when Finn keeps quiet to James, but it’s clear that she still has unfinished business regarding James.

At the engagement Charlie walks in with two heaviesand demands his money back from Debbie and Ross. Ross wants to protect Debbie, so he gets in the car with Charlie alone. Cain witnesses it all and demands to know what is going on as everyone begins to wonder where Debbie, Cain and Ross are. Pete goes to investigate and escorts an uneasy Debbie back to the

party, but just where is Charlie taking Ross? And how can Debbie stay at her party knowing Ross is in danger?

Carly is unimpressed that Ross disappeared last night, while Debbie is uneasy to learn that he didn’t go home. Emma senses something is not right and later warns Debbie not to hurt Pete. A worried Debbie decides that she needs to tell Pete everything. With Debbie ready to confess all, will she?

Elsewhere, Aaron eventually lets slip to Chrissie that

he was there during the Home Farm raid. She begins to waiver over Robert when Aaron lies about how much of a wreck Robert was after the burglary. However, when Chrissie later overhears a conversation between Aaron and Robert, she is furious and her mind is made up.

Robert wants to look his best for his meeting with Chrissie. While out for a walk together, Chrissie suddenly turns on Robert, locking him in an out-building. She is seemingly determined to make him

pay for what he did.

Robert realises that Chrissie overheard his conversation with Aaron and is shocked when she picks up a petrol can and opens it. Chrissie then pours what looks like petrol all around a terrified Robert as Lachlan watches what is happening, unseen. Filled with fury she takes out the box of matches, but will Chrissie really go through with it?

Also, David is concerned that Alicia is letting Lachlan

get to her again. Alicia worries that Belle could be Lachlan’s girlfriend and shares her concerns with Lisa. Belle denies it, but Lisa warns her that Lachlan doesn’t deserve forgiveness. After Harriet refuses to help Alicia discover who Lachlan’s girlfriend is, Alicia takes matters into her own hands.

Alicia’s actions take their toll on Lachlan when he is set upon by a couple of lads. When Lachlan takes refuge with Belle, she shows him what Alicia has done but is left shocked by his attitude to it all. Alicia also confesses what she has done to a shocked David, while Chrissie is stunned when she hears about it too.

Later, Alicia pulls up in her car as Lachlan is being surrounded threateningly by a group of lads. Realising this is a direct result of her actions, will Alicia help him?

Alicia calls the police as the lads throw stones at the car with her and Lachlan trapped inside. Forced into close proximity, they finally talk.

Later, Alicia and Lachlan return to the village. She then makes a life-changing decision – she wants the family to sell up and move away.

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