Chrissie finds out the truth about Lachlan, Will Nicola leave for Dubai, Pearls fraud is uncovered and who is Ross new love interest – Emmerdale

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After David Kidnaps Lachlan Lawrence urges Chrissie to call the police on David, but she wants to speak to Alicia. Lawrence warns her against this, but Chrissie goes ahead. With the support of David, Alicia finally gets her chance to tell Chrissie everything that happened that night.

Emotional, Chrissie runs out and Lachlan is thrown when she confronts him over Alicia. Lachlan continues to lie, but Chrissie says she has spoken to Alicia and is crushed by Lachlan’s lack of remorse. Lawrence and Lachlan are unimpressed

when Chrissie admits that she didn’t mention the kidnapping to the solicitor.

Later, Chrissie apologises to Alicia for Lachlan’s behaviour, explaining that she has made a statement admitting her version of events. She also assures Alicia that the kidnapping incident is in the past, but will Lawrence be as willing to drop the issue?

Meanwhile, a desperate Pearl tries selling her jewellery to Pollard and soon becomes defensive when

Sandy pulls her up on it. Paddy is shocked when a concerned Edna tells him about Pearl’s stealing and Vanessa finds Pearl’s stashed ‘IOU’ book. Rhona thinks Pearl deserves a chance to explain herself. Paddy struggles with the enormity of Pearl’s betrayal. Pearl is advised by Ashley to admit her mistakes and to make amends.

Pearl admits to the police that she has committed fraud. After striking a deal with Pollard, Pearl gives Ashley and Edna the cash to repay Paddy and Rhona

and reveals that she is leaving.

At the same time, Paddy and Rhona discuss how much Pearl means to them, but will they realise she is leaving before it’s too late?

Elsewhere, Doug finally confides in Diane over what is going on with Laurel, admitting her drink problem. He also explains why he can’t tell Marlon. They notice Laurel refuse wine at Jimmy and Nicola’s leaving drinks, but Doug remains uneasy despite this. Later, Laurel spots a bottle of vodka and is tempted, but will

she be spotted?

Also, As Nicola gets ready for the big move, Jimmy is less enthused. Laurel tells Jimmy that it will take something drastic for Nicola not to go to Dubai, which gets Jimmy thinking.

Later, while Nicola says her goodbyes to Bernice and Laurel, the taxi arrives and it’s obvious that Jimmy has a plan. Nicola tells Jimmy how important Dubai was to her, but he fails to see her point of view. Soon their decisions result in heartbreak

Nicola is stunned by what Jimmy has done to stop her taking Angel. Nicola later unburdens to Bernice and Jimmy is struck when Bernice tells him how Nicola is in a state. Afterwards, Jimmy has a shock proposal for Nicola.

Jimmy, Nicola and Angel head to the airport. Will Nicola leave for good? And if so, under what terms and will she take Angel with her?

Finally, Ross is cold with Carly, asking if she knew about him and Donna. Despite his misgivings, Ross can’t resist Carly’s sense of fun and sexiness. After agreeing to a drink, they are interrupted by April, but Ross struggles to see her in Carly’s arms. Will Ross put the brakes on with Carly? Later, Emma learns that Carly is Bob’s daughter and goes to check on Ross, but will he welcome her concerns?

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