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..Charlie makes a decision. .
Charlie remains unresponsive as Dot urges him to spend some time with his newborn son. She explains that Roxy has temporarily named the baby. Later at the hospital, Roxy and Charlie hear that following a second failed attempt to bring Ronnie out of her coma, it’s possible that she may never regain consciousness. Back home shortly afterwards, Yvonne feels guilty as Nick fuels Charlie’s anger by constantly reminding him that Phil is to blame.

Later, At the same time, Max is continuing his attempts to fool Ben. However, when Ben notices something is amiss, he finally realises what Max has done. Later, Charlie sees Ben smashing up the car lot in an act of revenge against Max. Struggling to contain his own rage, Charlie punches Ben. Yvonne is shocked

.Nick denies trying to kill Ronnie ..
to witness his violent outburst and manages to stop him from going too far. Once a beaten-up Ben has gone, Yvonne lets slip to Charlie that Nick is the real culprit behind the car crash…

Charlie is horrified following Yvonne’s revelation that Nick was responsible for the car crash. He demands to know how long she has known the truth and she lies in response, wanting to cover up the part she played in Nick’s deception.

When Charlie confronts Nick with his discovery, Nick swears on the baby’s life that Yvonne is lying. As Nick twists the situation to his own advantage, Yvonne is left on the back foot as she tries to prove that she is telling the truth. Who will Charlie believe?

When Ben confides in Jay, he misreads the situation and tries

..Ben spots something suspicious on the paperwork.  .
to kiss Jay. Later, it’s clear that Ben is trying to prove a point to himself when Jay finds him all over Abi. Jay wants to tell Abi what happened earlier, but is stopped in his tracks when Ben blurts out what Max has done.

Meanwhile, Dean has found Sylvie on the Square and brings her back to the community centre – but in her confusion, Sylvie believes that Dean is Stan. Once everyone is reunited, Stan tries to explain to Sylvie that she is Dean’s grandmother.

As the dance continues, ‘Unforgettable’ by Nat King Cole starts to play and Sylvie suddenly recognises Stan. As they dance together, Stan and Sylvie share a kiss. However, they are interrupted when Babe bursts in and splits them apart, which leads to the past being revealed. Back at The Vic later, Stan asks

..Stan kisses Sylvie.
Dean to stay as he doesn’t believe Linda’s rape allegations.

Shirley, Tina, Babe and Stan discuss whether it would be best for Sylvie to move into a care home. Unhappy with the decision to put Sylvie in a home, Stan drowns his sorrows.

Later, Dean arrives at The Vic to cheer Stan up following encouragement from Shirley. Nancy and Lee are unimpressed to see Dean there, but Shirley is desperate to keep the family together and announces that Dean will be moving into the pub.

Nancy is furious over Shirley’s plans to move Dean into The Vic and starts to pack her bags in protest. Although Dean doesn’t want to cause any more problems, Stan and Shirley insist that he is staying. In the end, Lee intervenes and urges Nancy to

Nancy tells a shocked Shirley she knows Dean kissed Linda
stay for their parents’ sake.

Soon afterwards, the Ladies’ Night event begins at The Vic and the entertainment booked by Shirley finally arrives. When Dean starts helping behind the bar, Nancy continues to struggle. Shirley tries to reason with her, but Nancy insists that Linda and Dean must have had an affair and they can’t pretend like nothing has happened. Shirley is shocked when Nancy goes on to explain that she knows Linda and Dean kissed.

In the end, Shirley promises Nancy that she won’t let Dean behind the bar again if she comes back inside. Following the successful night, Dean holds a toast to Shirley and brands her Queen of The Vic.

.EastEnders: 4999: 2015-01-16..
Also, Shabnam helps Stacey out at the Minute Mart, discounting the price of her shopping in return for a haircut. Shabnam also later gives Stacey £100 cash to help with the family, insisting that she takes it as a loan. Later, Stacey convinces Shabnam to come to The Vic with her and they bump into Masood and Kush there.

Shabnam follows Stacey out of the pub, she leaves her bag behind. Kush helpfully takes it to her, but Shabnam overreacts to a joke that he makes about it and tells him and Stacey to leave. Once alone, she rifles through her bag and finds a newspaper cutting. Her secret is still safe…

Finally, as the drink flows at the party, more secrets are spilled and the girls are shocked when they hear that Fatboy and Denise slept together. However, Fatboy soon disappears and is later discovered getting close to another female Walford resident.


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