Charitys kidnapper wakes up, Megan confronts Leyla and Andy resorts to violence.- Emmerdale

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DI Bails arrives at the Dingles’ but doesn’t get too far when Charity protects her family. Does Bails have enough evidence to nail Charity over what she has done, and will Charity be left broken when Noah rejects her?

Charity’s kidnapper wakes up from their coma in hospital, but panics on hearing they have been unconscious for four days. The culprit is sick with dread over what will have happened to Charity whilst they have been out of action.

Charity is shocked to hear that her attacker is awake and is further stressed when Jimmy tells her that the insurance assessors are up at Home Farm. Charity breaks down when she

receives an order to sell the estate.
Charity receives no comfort from her family and Cain receives the short straw in having to offer her a place to stay, but how will Moira react when Cain turns up with Charity in tow?

Meanwhile, Megan confronts Jai over his affair with Leyla, but he makes matters worse. Later, Leyla discovers that Megan has changed the lock on the office door. Megan demands the office keys from Leyla. Later, Leyla is given food for thought when Katie tells her to put Jai behind her and to fight for her business. She tells Megan how Jai truly loves Megan not her. What will Megan think?

Elsewhere, Andys brother Robert returns to the village, Katie is confused by her feelings at seeing him again. Robert enjoys winding her and Andy up as he and Chrissie look around Home Farm as prospective purchasers. Chrissie tries to persuade Robert to move to the village but he is defiant, insisting they are not moving here. When Chrissie’s father Lawrence arrives and is amused to witness a punch-up between arch-rivals Andy and Robert. Lawrence is immediately intrigued by the clear resentment between the brothers. Protective father Lawrence senses an opportunity to split Chrissie and Robert up, but how will the Sugdens take the news when Lawrence reveals he has just purchased Home Farm?

Also, Charity questions Moira about Maxine, but they are interrupted by a call from the police. Has Moira made a mistake refusing Maxine money? Could Adam have paid the price?

Finally, Nicola gives Andy some security work around Home Farm, Noah moves in with Debbie, while Kirin and Vanessa get back together.

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