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After Andy ended up in hospital and being told that he will have to spend some time in there due to the severity of his injuries, Adam feels even more guilty for causing Andy injuries he  ask’s Andy if there is anything he can do but #Andy tells him to just sort thing out with Moira and James.  Andy is released from hospital but told that it could take 5-6 months until he is back to normal, Adam starts to blame Moira for the accident, when Moira can see that he is trying to move the blame she goes to Andy to apologies on Adams behalf offer full sick pay.  Its not long before Andy is back in hospital with an infection in his wound, not happy with how the Barton’s are reacting to the
.Charity masks her unease as Declan boasts of their plans to try for another baby..
situation he threatens to sue them.  When Andy gets discharged from hospital again he decides to kick Adam out, furious that someone must pay.

Meanwhile, Megan and Leyla arrive at the Home Farm launch with their display, but Megan is left hurt by Declan’s harsh attitude towards her. Megan berates Charity, congratulating her on using her miscarriage to get her way. As Charity takes to the stage to give a speech, Megan interrupts, warning her to watch her back. Later, Declan urges Charity to try for another baby. Wanting to keep him on side, Charity throws out her pills .  Its not long before Declan is

boasting about trying for another bay but it’s obvious that Charity is not quite as content with the idea.  Later, charity hides her pills in the laptop case but when she return to pick it up Jimmy tells her that Declan has borrowed it.
Elsewhere, the village has a new visitor in the form of Tracy, a chaotic and commonly dressed woman who is searching for Sam. Thrilled she is there, Sam offers her a place to stay but is slightly unnerved when she tells him that she wants a favour. Has she got other motives?

Also, Ross goes to Donna about planning another job, Donna is a little surprised after how the last one went but is drawn in by Ross charms. They both plan a day together, leaving Marlon to look after April. When April falls ill at school, Marlon can’t get hold of Donna and learns that she called in sick, making him suspicious of what his ex is up to. Later, Marlon is even more perplexed when April mentions Donna’s magic pills.  Marlon later starts to question Rhona realising that she is not being completely honest he goes into Donna rooms, as ne narrowly misses Ross wallet he comes across her memory box and some pills, the realisation of what is happening slowly sinks in.

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