Carla and Tracy have a car Crash will they survive and could Sinead be paralysed – Coronation Street

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Liz reminds Steve that she has made him a doctor’s appointment, but when Andrea can’t find a driver to take the factory girls to the awards ceremony, Steve volunteers as he is hurt after seeing Michelle kissing Hamish.

The factory staff are in high spirits as they set off. A drunken Beth gets left behind, while Tracy takes Izzy’s spot alongside Carla, Alya, Julie, Michelle, Sally, Sean, Sinead, Maddie and Kirk.

Later, Kirk realises that he has picked up Beth’s phone by mistake. A mobile rings under one of the seats and as she undoes her seatbelt, Sinead reaches out to get it. However, as the mini-bus speeds along, some boy racers cut them up, causing Steve to swerve off the road. The mini-bus crashes and flips on its side…

Steve, Carla, Alya, Julie, Michelle, Sally, Sean, Sinead, Tracy, Maddie and Kirk lie motionless as the mini-bus hangs perilously on the edge of a precipice. As Steve regains consciousness, he looks around him at the carnage, shocked to the core.

Clambering out of the mini-bus, Steve realises it’s in danger of slipping down a sharp slope. Unable to deal with the situation, he walks off.

As some of the passengers regain consciousness and drag the injured to safety, the mini-bus suddenly lurches violently. Tracy locks eyes with Carla, realising she is still trapped. With the bus teetering dangerously on a cliff edge, will Tracy help Carla get out alive?

Steve stares into space, clearly troubled. Michelle tells Liz that she’ll be there for him, but the big question is whether she will take him back as a partner. Aware that she needs to make a decision, Michelle meets with Hamish. Will she end the fledgling relationship and focus her attentions on caring for Steve?

At the same time, gossip is rife as the factory girls discuss the crash and how Steve walked away and abandoned them to their fate.

Meanwhile, in the hospital, the doctor tells Sinead that she has a bone pressing on her spine and needs an urgent operation. Sinead is fearful that she’ll never walk again. Chesney, Beth,

Kirk and Craig watch anxiously as Sinead is wheeled away for her operation.

News of Tracy and Carla’s fate also spreads through the street, while Eileen phones Billy to make him aware of Sean’s accident. Gary arrives at the hospital, desperate for news about Alya.

Elsewhere, Jason drags Gary into town in celebration of the fact that he avoided a prison sentence.

Later, Gary apologises to Alya for not being there for her, but is it too little too late? Later, in an attempt to make amends, Roy offers

Gary a job in the café. Roy tells Mary that he is trying to put things right and hopes that they can still be friends. Will Mary thaw towards him?

Also, when Luke overhears Michael commenting on Steph eating for two now, he is horrified to realise that his sister is pregnant. Later, Steph tells Andy how she hates having to lie, but Andy insists it’s the only way until Michael has had his heart operation.


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