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Adam continues on the road of self  destruction, when a shocked Robbie finds out that he has got more drugs he tells him that he is out of his depth. Moira takes advice and decides that tough love is the best way to handle Adam, so she tells him that she wants nothing more to do with him. In desperation Adam calls Aaron in France, asking if he fancies a house guest. Needing the money, Adam tells Ross that he wants to help with the next job. Is Adam aware of what he is getting himself into? And will Moira’s tough love save her son or send him deeper into a dangerous world?

Elsewhere, Donna collapses and is found by Paddy. Paddy

tells a worried Marlon, who insists that he accompanies her to the hospital, but Paddy worries that Marlon is falling for Donna again. When the doctors tell Donna that she only has a few weeks to live due to the cancer spreading, Donna is still reluctant to undergo Chemo if it means sacrificing the quality of the life she has left. When Donna tells Marlon about her decision he is desperate to convince her otherwise and the end up kissing, Marlon feels he needs to tell Laurel but Donna persuades him otherwise. Although Marlon doesn’t tell Laurel it’s not long before he is confiding to a worried Paddy about the Kiss.

Meanwhile, worried about money, Cain makes up an excuse to get Charity alone to the garage, where he traps her. Locking

her in the car, Cain demands that she gives him £20,000 or he will tell Declan about the baby. Later, charity gives in to Cains demands allowing Cain to pay Andy compensation but when Declan receives a call from his accountant and asks Charity where £20,000 has disappeared to. Charity covers by telling him that she has given it to Debbie. To avoid a mix-up Charity tells Cain what she has told Declan, but their intense conversation is spotted by a furious Moira, who instantly thinks the worst…

Finally, Sam introduces Tracy as his girlfriend, but Robbie is suspicious that she’s up to no good when a tenner goes missing. He wants to warn Sam, but realises Sam is already smitten.

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