Callum tries to get closer to Max, will Andy’s secret be revealed – Coronation Street

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Sinead is depressed, convinced that she’ll never walk again and will end up being a burden to Chesney. Beth assures her that she’ll never be a burden and she needs to start thinking more positively. When Chesney arrives at the hospital with Agnes in tow, Sinead is lifted to see her great grandmother. As Chesney sits on Sinead’s bed, he lays a hand on her leg and Sinead is convinced she can feel something. Is she on the road to recovery?

At the same time, Steve attends his first session with the therapist. Initially he’s nervous, but eventually he opens up and admits how he feels he has let everyone down and blames himself for the minibus crash.

As Steve sits despondently watching repeats on telly, Liz and

Michelle do their best to cajole him into action. Steve attends his second session with the therapist and tells him how his family, although trying to help, are making matters worse by suffocating him.

In an attempt to get Steve away from the telly, Liz hides the remote and suggests that he does an hour behind the bar. Steve heads into the pub but as he goes to serve Eileen, he suddenly finds himself unable to cope and turns on his heel. Later, Michelle and Liz row over Steve. Liz has a go at Michelle for seeing Hamish, but Michelle claims that she only went out with him as he made her feel wanted. Overhearing their exchange,

how will Steve react?

Elsewhere, Callum is sniffing around, David books an appointment with a solicitor to establish his legal rights over Max. He is relieved to hear that he has a strong case, having provided Max with a loving and stable home for several years.

Back on the street, Callum tracks down Katy and Max in the café and insists on buying them a milkshake. David is furious to find Max with Callum and drags him home. Eva warns Callum to stay away, telling him that although it’s his name on Max’s birth certificate, David is his real dad.

Having followed David and Max home, Katy demands to know

what is going on and why he has an irrational dislike of Callum. David explains that Callum was Kylie’s drug dealer.

When Callum then approaches Katy and invites her out for a drink, she refuses and tells him that she doesn’t hang out with drug dealers. Callum is furious. Calling at Number 8, he tells David that he intends to see more of Max and he’ll be hearing from his solicitor. David is horrified.

Later, when Callum assures Katy that he’s no longer a drug dealer, she agrees to meet him for a drink. But how will she react to the news that he is Max’s dad?

Meanwhile, Michael hands Gail and Andy a copy of his will as

he fears that he might not survive his operation, while Norris is furious when he receives a bulk delivery of Chicken Fancier magazine – is this Maddie’s work?

Finally, as the Bistro staff prepare for the grand opening of the newly refurbished restaurant, Andy is startled when his ex-girlfriend appears delivering plants.

When the opening night of the Bistro arrives. Leanne confronts Fake Gavin, wanting to know his history with Tara and why she called him Andy. Andy spins her a story but Leanne is suspicious and worried for Steph. Can he continue to cover his tracks?

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