Bradley Coopers Limitless movie set to receive TV make over

Published On November 3, 2014 » 932 Views» By Darren Dimmick » Headlines, News, TV
The 2011 movie,  limitless is the next in a long line of movies that are currently inline to move from film to TV.

The CBS produced show will join the list of already announced TV adaptions.  In the last  few weeks alone it has been confirmed that the 2005 Will Smith movie Hitch, along with 80’s movies Bachelor party, Big and Uncle Buck will all receive TV make overs.

The original movie Limitless starred both Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro, in a world where a drug had been conceived that enables you to use 100% of your brain power, resulting in a superhuman abilities.

Similar to the announcement that the Minority Report TV adaption will follow on from the 2002 movie, Limitless is also set to take place as a sequel.  Although it has been confirmed that Brian Sinclair will return as the central characters, as to whether Bradley Cooper will reprise that role is yet unknown.

At this time it’s all we have to report on but will keep you posted on any developments.

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