Bourne 5 begins shooting see set pictures

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.Matt damon Bourne 5..
Matt Damon is set to reprise his role as Jason Bourne after 8 years since he last played the amnesia assassin.

At one time it was though Damon would never return to the franchise and Jeremy Renner was drafted in and released the 2012 movie ‘The Bourne Legacy’ taking on the role of Aaron Cross.

The studios were all set to have Renner return as cross in a further Bourne movie, which was expected to be released in 2016, but Damon came along ready to

.Matt Damon in The Bourne Identity (2002) ..
return to the role that turned him into an action star.

With him re joining director Paul Greengrass on an the all-new Bourne adventure here we have been able to get hold of some earlier pictures from the set.

While the plot remains tightly under wraps, Damon did let slip that the story begins in Greece (“the beginning of democracy”) and ends in Las Vegas (“the most grotesque incarnation”).

Julia Stiles will be back as tech expert Nicky Parsons, and joining the sequel are screen legend Tommy Lee Jones, Alicia Vikander and Vincent Cassel – who will play a villainous assassin.

Bourne 5 is expected to debut on July 16, 2016. With Renner still expected to reprise his role as Aaron Cross in 2017.

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