Blacklist season 1 finale reveals Lizi father ? Final thoughts

Published On May 18, 2014 » 784 Views» By Darren Dimmick » TV

Blacklist has kept viewers gripped from start to finish, and finally we get the answers we have been looking for is Reddington Lizi father? .

The last episode in the criminal drama revealed to us who Berlin is ( The fake Berlin and the real Berlin ), but what’s his reason for chasing Reddington and having Tom watch over Lizi, well that’s just a question that we will have to wait for season 2 to answers this Autumn.

With Tom not being left where we saw him bleeding to death, we can only be left to assume that he will be rearing his head for season 2. As for the fact Tom has told Lizi her father is alive, Reddington has told Lizi he is dead, I assume Reddington is implying that he is dead to her but not in the physical sense. The final scene in the series finishes with Raymond Reddington removing his shirt revealing the scars that have been cased by burns , the audience is left to assume they have been caused in the house fire Lizi remembers her dad saving her from.

The question that remains is if Tom know’s who Lizi father is why did he only feed her a dangling carrot , when in fact he could have just said ” Your father is ?”, is it we will be left with further twist to season 2.

To further add more speculation to this theory, in an interview James Spader told Al Roker that after this season’s finale, fans may think we know more than we actually do. 

Is Red her Dad, or is it Berlin?

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