Bill & Ted 3 is coming our way with Keanu Reeves back as Ted

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According to Alex Winter Bill and Ted 3 will be coming our way, but what can we expect.

The original movie came out in 1989 with the follow up coming in 1991 launching both Keanu Reeves and Alex Winters movies careers.

Although Reeves went onto to star in the Speed franchise and then one of the biggest franchises ever the Matrix Alex Winter headed down the more production route, writing and directing a number of TV movies.

23 years after Bill and Ted’s Bogus journey was released it seems that Bill and Ted still have atleast one move Adventure / Journey left in them.

back in November 2013 Reeves hinted at the prospect that he may one day reprise his role as Ted, with Alex Winter revealing a little more recently to Yahoo Movies.

When speaking about the plot for the future of Bill and Ted 3, he said that the movie will pick up from where they would be now, as 40 something men.

When discussing what the plot line would be he said,

“It’s a Bill & Ted movie, that’s what it is. It’s for the fans of Bill & Ted. It fits very neatly in the [series]. It’s not going to feel like a reboot. The conceit is really funny: what if you’re middle-aged, haven’t really grown up and you’re supposed to have saved the world and maybe, just maybe, you kinda haven’t?”

he continued “There’s many versions of ourselves in this movie, [It’s] answering the question: ‘What happened to these guys?’ They’re supposed to have done all this stuff, they weren’t the brightest bulbs on the tree, what happened 20 years later? To answer that question in a comedic way felt rich with possibility.”

Although no time line has been given ye, both the original writers Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon are back on board.

We will keep you posted with future developments on this project.

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