Bethany Platt returns, Can Gail cover Gavins death, and will Chesney let Katy take Joseph to Portugal – Coronation Street

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Andy explains how Gavin was drink-driving, crashed the car and killed himself. Gail is horrified, while Andy is consumed with grief for his old mate. Andy blames himself for Gavin’s death, pointing out that if they hadn’t given him the cash, he wouldn’t have been drunk and driving like a lunatic.

Soon afterwards, a downcast Michael emerges from the consultant’s room and breaks the news that his

operation was unsuccessful and his only hope now is a transplant. Shaken, Gail tells Andy that for the sake of Michael’s health, he must always remain as Gavin. Trapped in another man’s life, can Andy keep up the lie?

Andy fusses round Michael, doing his best to be the perfect ‘son’. Gail quietly seethes, hating Andy for involving her in his web of deceit. Gail tells Andy that as soon as Michael is well enough, he must move away and fade from Michael’s life. Andy is surprised to

realise how much this upsets him. Later, Steph points out that with Gavin now dead, Andy can no longer use his National Insurance number. Gail accesses the Bistro computer hoping to change Gavin’s details, but she is startled when Michael walks in. Are they about to be caught in the act?

A panicking Gail lies to Michael, telling him that she was checking the payroll as she has been underpaid. Nick blames himself, admitting he did the payroll. Gail feels terrible. With Nick no longer trusting

himself, Steph seizes the opportunity and offers to look after the payroll in future.

Meanwhile, Chesney barges his way into Faye’s party and confronts Katy, telling her there is no way she is taking Joseph abroad. Katy and Linda try to persuade Chesney that a new life in Portugal is the best thing for Joseph, but Chesney is adamant that he is better off here with his family. Talking to Owen, Chesney is adamant that Katy is only thinking of what’s best for her, not for Joseph.

Realising she can’t take Joseph away from his dad, Katy tells Linda that she won’t be moving to Portugal after all. Chesney is relieved to hear that Katy has decided to stay but she is bitter in response, pointing out that she didn’t really have a choice. As an upset Katy waves Linda off, knowing she has turned down the chance of a lifetime, she realises with horror that she has missed her first personal trainer exam.

Depressed Katy then heads to The Rovers. Parking herself next to Callum, she demands that he buys her several drinks. Later, as an amused Callum guides a drunken Katy home, she shouts at him to leave her alone.

As Katy pours her heart out, Chesney realises that he is the only thing standing in the way of her new life in Portugal. Chesney tells her that she and Joseph can move to Portugal with his blessing as he knows they’ll have a better life. Katy is deeply touched.

Later, Chesney visits Sinead and explains that he missed her physio session as he was making the decision to let Katy take Joseph away. Sinead is horrified, but Chesney is adamant that it’s best for Joseph. However, as Chesney watches Joseph sleep, will his emotions get the better of him?

Sinead begs Chesney to reconsider, pointing out that Joseph should be with his dad and not hundreds of

miles away, but Chesney is resolute. In desperation, Sinead insists on Kirk taking her home. She explains how she intends to have a last-ditch attempt at changing Chesney’s mind about letting Joseph go. However, when Beth finds Sinead sprawled across the kitchen floor having fallen out of her wheelchair, she phones for an ambulance.

Back in hospital, Sinead tells Chesney to dump her and focus on Joseph. How will Chesney respond to this?

As Anna, Owen and Izzy bid farewell to Katy, a tearful Chesney clings to Joseph. Will he be able to let Katy leave for Portugal with his son?

Meanwhile, David and Callum attend their first mediation session. Callum loses his temper in front of the mediator and David is quietly pleased. However, in the waiting room, David is unimpressed to find Gail getting on well with Callum’s mum and ushers her


Also, Eileen gets cold feet as she waits for her internet date Adrian. After phoning him, they agree to get to know each other a bit better before meeting up. Todd is secretly pleased.

Finally, Gails Granddaughter Bethany returns to the street, but in The Rovers she is stunned to find Steph and Andy at odds as he has been entertaining Bethany. Pointing out that Bethany is only 14 and shouldn’t be drinking, Gail drags her home. Bethany explains how Sarah is too busy with work to care about her, so she thought she would visit her gran. Gail is touched, until she speaks to Sarah and gets a very different story. What is Bethany’s game?

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