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.Jay shows Phil his surprise..
Later, Shirley arranges Phil’s stag party, which will include free drinks and food at The Vic. Before Phil can head over to the pub, Shirley turns up at his place hoping for another hook-up before his big night, but they’re interrupted when Jay arrives. Shirley is forced to hide as Jay takes Phil over to The Arches and reveals a huge surprise – Ben is there waiting for him…

The atmosphere is awkward at The Arches as Phil struggles to reconnect with Ben following his surprise reappearance. Ben shocks Phil by admitting that he has come back to make sure that he doesn’t marry Sharon, as he thinks his dad should be with Shirley instead. Phil decides to tell Ben about his secret plan.

Later, Ben joins Phil for his stag party at The Vic, but he doesn’t

.Ben and Phil have things to discuss..
get a warm welcome. Mick tries to keep Shirley unaware of Ben’s return, but his efforts fail and when she spots Ben, she is quick to lash out. Mick orders Ben out of the pub, but Phil stays loyal to his son by leaving too.

Back at the Mitchell house, Sharon insists that Ben can’t stay as she fears for Denny’s safety, but Phil overrules her and it seems that Ben will be staying until the wedding.

As Shirley gets involved in a war of words with Sharon at The Albert, Sharon loses patience and throws red wine at her. Unfortunately, Sharon’s fury also leads to her accidentally hitting Linda.

Aunt Babe gives Shirley food for thought by pointing out that her anger towards Ben could ruin her plan with Phil. Sharon is also still uneasy around Ben and continues to give him a hard time at

.EastEnders: 4931: 2014-09-25..
the Mitchell house.

At the same time, Phil is stunned when Ben tells him that he should marry Sharon after all. Phil is given even more food for thought when Aunt Sal and Ronnie arrive, disapproving of the wedding and making it clear that the whole family is against the marriage.

Ronnie has some firm words for Phil – if he loves Sharon he should marry her, but if he doesn’t, he should walk away. When Phil heads to see Sharon, he is stopped by Shirley who issues him with an ultimatum of her own, telling him that it’s now or never. Who will Phil choose?

Meanwhile, Charlie bonds with Roxy when he helps her with the favours she is doing for Sharon’s wedding. Later, Roxy is left

.Ronnie tells Phil if he loves Sharon he should marry her..
disappointed when Aleks backs out of going to the wedding with her and Sharon chooses Linda to be her matron of honour.

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