Belle’s illness is revealed, will Jai go through with the wedding and Charity grows close to Cain – Emmerdale

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Katie realises that Belle is in a bad way. Belle asks Katie not to tell anyone what she saw, but Katie insists that she contacts her parents. A terrified Belle lashes out at Katie, before running and locking herself in Katie’s car. Zak and Lisa arrive and are rocked to discover what Katie witnessed and to see a distressed Belle locked in the car revving the engine.

Zak understands immediately what is going on and bravely stands firmly in front of the car, urging his daughter to see sense, but a distressed and confused Belle revs the car and prepares to release the handbrake. Zak soon shows Belle his understanding when he reaches out to her and Belle at last has someone to turn to.

Belle is frightened of what is to come, but later that afternoon she reluctantly accepts that she needs help. Lisa is close to the end of her tether as they wait for a doctor to arrive.

Meanwhile, as Jai tries to process the fact that he’s supposed to be getting married, he soon has even more to digest when a hopeful Leyla confesses her love for him. Jai tells Leyla to leave, but it’s not long before they are kissing. Will this be a turning point for Jai? Or will the surprise wedding go ahead as planned?

Elsewhere, Finn is down about his mum and blames Moira for her departure when she reveals that Emma came to see her. Ross feels for Finn, who refuses to live with Moira anymore. Both are at a loss, not knowing what to do next. Later, Ross is

left troubled when James suggests that he speaks to Emma, hinting that she will listen to him above anyone else. Will an intrigued Ross reach out to Emma following on from James’s cryptic words. Emma later surprises Finn and Ross by arriving on their doorstep. Finn is relieved, while Ross is curious that she came back at his request. Emma seems wary around Ross, especially when he questions her about what makes him so special to her. Will Emma shed any light, or will Ross be left with questions unanswered?

Also, Lisa tries to apologise to Chrissie and is later grateful when Chrissie offers her some support, Cain is menacing when he warns Sam to do right by Charity in court, Charity is relieved when Cain agrees to look after Noah if she is sent to prison, while Cain thanks Kirin for saving his life and confirms that

his debt is now paid.

A nervous Charity heads into court and feels the pressure as the prosecution present her case to the jury. Later that afternoon, Charity arrives home and defiantly toasts her trial, which rattles Ali. Soon Ali tells a shocked Sam that Rachel could even be dead because of what Charity did.

Feeling torn, Sam confronts Charity, who is thrown by his change of attitude. She is left uneasy when Sam makes no promises about backing her up at her trial. As the day continues, Charity is scared to arrive at a realisation about her feelings towards Cain.

When Moira learns of Cains promise to Charity she is stunned

that they will be looking after Noah if Charity is sent to prison.

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